Saturday, 31 December 2011

List 22: things that have happened in my life during 2011

1. my Nanny passed away - it was one of the saddest times in my life, because she was such an important person in my life. I still miss her every day.

2. I finished my photography diploma, and ended up being awarded a merit, which was a very pleasant surprise.

3. I put on my first ever photography show as part of our class end of year exhibit - it was one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done, and it was so nice seeing my work up on a wall for everyone to see.

4. I started buying and selling vintage knick-knacks through Ayoka Charity Shop Boutique in Bethnal Green - it's the most fun job I think I have ever had, and it's inspired me to go back and retake my driving test so I can try and grow my love of thrifting into a business.

5. I visited lots of seaside towns on the South East coast - Havant and Hayling Island, Whitstable, Eastbourne, Hastings, Brighton, and Brighton again!

6. I did a photoshoot for Lazy Oaf which also got featured on the Lomography website!

7. I became a regular at hip hop karaoke (but I am yet to make my rapping debut...)

8. I started shooting almost entirely on film using my Canon AV-1

9. I crocheted Valentines for my favourite people

10. I visited the Museum of Everything

11. I celebrated 10 years of Lazy Oaf by drinking too much and getting in a photobooth

12. I passed a diploma in Beginner's Japanese

13. I made a penpal who would quickly become one of my best friends

14. I thrifted one of my favourite ever (and most useful) car boot sale finds

15. I had the best night of my life at the Harry Potter Premiere

16. I participated in Rhianne's 2011 photoswap

17. I picked a whole load of blackberries and then made a lovely crumble from them

18. I celebrated turning 25 years old with a week long holiday

19. I spent a lot of time in the Natural History Museum

20. I made chocolate dipped pretzels (and posted my first ever step by step on my blog!)

21. I wrote a guest blog post over at For the Easily Distracted

22. I went to the 2011 Frightfest Horror Film Festival with my sister

23. I visited the chocolaterie opened up by one of my best friends

24. I bought almost entirely handmade Christmas presents at the Renegade Craft Fair

This year has been slightly surreal. So much has happened, yet it feels like nothing has changed. I loved reading back through my old blog posts to compile this list - I've done lots of things which I probably wouldn't have remembered had I not written about them on this blog. That is one of the reasons why I started blogging in the first place, as a kind of virtual diary, and I feel motivated now to blog even more next year!

Currently I am working hard to realise one of my biggest goals, which is to have my own little business, and to work for myself. 2011 has been a pretty fun year, but I'm hoping that 2012 will be even better! I'm working on a list of goals for the new year, which I will be posting next week xoxo


  1. happy new year zoe
    i'm sorry your nanna passed away, it's hard to loose a loved one
    all the best for the new year

  2. I really do enjoy reading your lists Zoe. It sounds like you had a full on year! Sad news about your Nan :(
    Thanks for sharing
    Jo :)


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