Wednesday, 9 November 2011

you and me in a photobooth

As many of you already know, I work for a small creative company called Lazy Oaf. Recently the brand turned 10 years old, and as is customary when you reach such an important milestone, we threw a huge party. It was one of the best nights in recent memory, with free booze, party hats, temporary tattoos, amazing company, and lots of dancing to some proper good music. Unfortunately, due to being somewhat inebriated from fairly early on in the evening (I remember very little past about half past 8!) I didn't manage to take any photos. Fear not though, Lazy Oaf hired a Say Fromage photobooth for the occasion, and apparently I spent most of my time in there! So here are my photobooth pictures from the evening (I'm the one in the sequin polka dot top)

here are the first lot, taken while I was generally rather sober (sober being very relative in this situation folks) - my photobooth companions are (from top left) Steph and Dee (my fellow Oaf shopgirls), Ellie (my previous Oaf manager), Gemma (sister number one), and Jadie (sister number two.) please note the red party hat - it would appear I became really attached to this hat during the course of the evening, and it's currently residing on my chest of drawers.

 these are the less sober photos... and by 'less sober' I mean pretty much destroyed. I even flipped the camera a V in one of the pictures, because I'm that rock and roll. I have pretty much no memory of any of these pictures being taken, but there you go.

 and lastly, an apology to Steph.... it appears I may have invaded her solo photobooth experience whilst performing my raptor impression...

Next party I have, I'm hiring one of these photobooths, they are the most fun EVER. xoxo ps. I've realised looking back at these photos, my friends are waaaaayyyyy more photogenic than I am.

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