Sunday, 8 May 2011


The single best thing that has come out of this blog is meeting some of the most amazing people in the world - people that I otherwise would probably have never heard of, let alone become friends with. One of those people is Emma Carlisle. I've mentioned her on this blog before - she is one of the most talented illustrators I have ever met but, much more importantly, she is the sweetest, most thoughtful and generous person you could ever hope to find. The other day I came home from a long and tiring day on a photo shoot, and had just found out I didn't get a job which I'd applied for. Waiting for me was this incredible parcel from Emma.... it instantly made me smile!

Inside were a collection of objects which I could tell were so carefully thought out - Emma knew how much I love zines, and had seen from a previous post I was building up a collection, so she sent me some zines by people from her course....

 I have a bit of a collection of old tins, so this was perfect! Love the typography and colours.

 I'd seen some of the images from this zine over on Pippa's blog, but they are even more gorgeous in real life.

Emma even included two of her own zines; one which was drawings of Pokemon, and the other features some of her church illustrations which I had admired over on her blog when she originally posted them.

Thank you Emma - you are too kind, and I really appreciate you thinking of me xxx

PS. check out the backdrop in these photos - I was getting a bit bored of using the grey and cream walls in my house as a backdrop, so am experimenting with using different materials. This one is vintage 1960s wallpaper <3


  1. beautiful post, i love the vintage fabric backgrounds :)


  2. You'll probably never read this comment but I have a few zines of mine I could send you if you like? :)

    Emma C


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