Thursday, 21 July 2011

the sea is a good place to think hard about the future

 (yes, those are Los Campesinos lyrics. yes, this post should have been written several weeks ago - took me forever to get the film developed!)

A rather lovely day trip to Brighton, with a rather lovely lady by the name of Diane Littlecloud. I booked some super cheap train tickets, and we set off on a mini adventure. Here's what we got up to...

knitting on trains (well I watched whilst she knitted)

 photographing feet

 searching for the elusive 'art'

 lusting after a turquoise camper van

 wishing we lived in a house as beautiful as this one

ogling walls of vintage shoes

 eating lunch at a cafe with checkered tablecloths (I had apple juice and sweet potato fries)

 spotting cute graffiti (dog graffiti is my new favourite thing ever)

 hanging out on the pier

 taking instant photos that look like ghost images

 staring out to sea

 hunting lions

 more photographing of feet

 wishing we could go on the carousel but amusing ourselves with simply taking photos of it

 getting as close as possible to seagulls before they spot us and fly away

 and a little bit of posing for an impromptu photoshoot....

Thank you Diane for a lovely day by the sea - we must do it again very soon <3


  1. Everything about this is just perfect!

  2. I need to go to Brighton, I can't believe I've never been.

    I never get bored of feet photos :)

  3. really like the colours & composition of that knitting photo


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