Sunday, 25 January 2015

Guildford Vintage Fair

So I am delighted to announce that my first fair of the year will be Vintage Guildford. If you're a Surrey local (or just fancy a lovely day out doing some vintage shopping and listening to some awesome music) then do come along! It looks set to be absolutely fabulous and Guildford Cathedral is a beautiful location.

When:  Saturday 7th February 2015 (11am till 4pm)
Where: Guildford Cathedral, Stag Hill, GU2 7UP (short walk or bus ride from the town centre)
What:  around 35 awesome vintage and retro stalls (plus some handmade ones like me!), a vintage beauty salon and barber shop, live music, workshops, and a tearoom! What's not to love?
How much: it costs £2 per person to get in, but there is so much to do and see that I think it's a bit of a bargain.

Let me know if you are coming along and be sure to say hi! I will have some of my Valentines goodies available to buy if you are looking for a last minute gift, plus I will be giving out lots of freebies with any purchases made.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Doe a Deer

A few weeks ago myself and the oh so lovely Heidi from Heidi's Tea and Tiffin decided to do a handmade swap. Not only is Heidi such a sweet and kind person, but she is also crazy talented. Some people have all the luck huh?! She makes the most gorgeous felt deer head trophies, which I fell in love with as soon as I saw them, and Heidi being the babe that she is agreed to swap one for some of my jewellery. She made me a completely custom deer to my specifications (you can choose to have antlers or not, choose the colour of the mount, colour of the deer, and a bow in any colour, and choose from a small or a large sized one - this is a large.) I have named her Dolly (after Dolly Parton obvs) and I absolutely adore her!

Not only did Heidi send me this incredible piece, she also sent me a handmade felt polaroid camera pin, and a Moomin pocket mirror. Isn't it funny how you can 'meet' people online who, without ever seeing you in real life, just totally get you and what you're about and what you like? Thank you Heidi, for making gorgeous things, and for being so wonderful inside and out. Here's to many years of friendship and fun times!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Valentine Swap!

Following on from how popular my Christmas card swap was in December, I thought it would be super fun to organise a Valentines themed swap. This time I will match people up with a swap partner and you will send that person a Valentine themed card and small gift or love token. Then in turn you will receive a card and gift from someone else. Who doesn't love getting nice things in the post?! Below are all the details you need to know and how to participate;

How to join - simply email me at by Wednesday 28th January at midnight with your name and postal address, plus your instagram/twitter handle if you have one, and also whether you are happy to send internationally or not.

What happens - I will email everyone with the name and address of their swap partner on Thursday 29th January. If you do not hear from me on this day please email me in case I have missed someone off! You will then have until Monday 9th February to send your swap goodies to your swap partner! Please DO NOT join this swap if you cannot send by this date. Also, if you are based outside of the UK, you may not receive your parcel by Valentines Day as you may be matched with someone from a different country.

What to send - you can send anything you like, whether it's handmade, vintage, or bought. We want you to be as creative as possible. The only criteria is that the theme is love/friendship/connections. You can interpret this however you like. All swaps must include a card/postcard and a gift.

So let's get swapping! I hope lots of you lovelies will join in - please repost/retweet/share on instagram about the swap so we can get as many people as possible involved and sharing the love!

Valentine Sneak Peeks

So I have been a busy bee behidn the scenes, getting everything ready for Valentines Day which, I'm not gonna lie, is probably my favourite holiday in terms of designing products and making DIYs! It's the perfect excuse to indulge my love of all things pink, sparkly, kitsch and a bit over the top! Below are a few little sneak peeks at some new products, things that will be included in the extremely awesome Valentines themed goodie boxes, plus a few DIY projects I've been working on which will be on the blog in the next few weeks.

 dinky 'message in a bottle' kits which will be in the goodie boxes - my favourite part is the teeny glittery triangles I had left over from cutting out the tags to tie on the bottles. I couldn't bear to throw them away. Each bottle will have a roll of paper inside to write a love note on.

 the glittery fabric also will be used for a DIY tutorial, showing how to make some super quick and easy no sew Valentine decorations (it's hard to tell in the photo but those embroidery hoops are actually dinky - only 3" wide. Apparently Valentines also makes me obsessed with things in miniature!)

 sadly I can't claim to have made these arrows, but they will be the prize in one of many giveaways I'm running over Valentines (because Valentines is all about love, and boy do I love you guys)

playing around with ideas for packaging and little added extras to pop in with all online orders over Valentines - and yes, those envelopes are made using wrapping paper customised with my instagram photos (more info on that to follow!) Also, how cute are the (again, tiny!) muslin drawstring bags - I couldn't find a pale pink fabric paint, so used normal acrylic paint and I love how they turned out

And finally, a look at some of the jewellery that will be in goodie boxes and in my Etsy shop - these pieces are all SUPER limited edition, and feature vintage Valentines imagery. 

The goodie boxes will be launching on Tuesday 27th January at 7pm in my Etsy shop - there will only be 25 boxes available, and you will get four pieces of jewellery, a message in a bottle kit, plus a whole load of stickers/postcards/other goodies all for just £20! And of course everything will be beautifully wrapped and presented in Valentines themed packaging. If you want to order and send it direct to someone else, we will even hand write a little love note for you!

Our Valentines jewellery will be available to buy in our Etsy shop from Wednesday 28th January - all pieces are limited edition and once they are gone we won't be producing any more, so get them while you can! Of course as well as these pieces we have our permanent range of heart jewellery, including heart collar clips, and heart necklaces, available in a range of colours, some of which are glittery!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Books To Read in 2015

Each year I make myself a 'to read' list of books I want to/need to read over the next 12 months. I tend to buy books as and when I see them in charity shops and car boot sales (I hate paying full price for books when I can get them for 50p second hand!) then keep them on a shelf until I need something to read. This year I thought I'd share with you what I'm hoping to get round to reading!

1. Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger (it's sort of got my name in the title, plus I absolutely loved Catcher in the Rye!)

2. Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham (one of those books I've seen pretty much everyone I know post about, so I felt almost guilty for not having read it myself)

3. The Border Trilogy by Cormac McCarthy (I have read most of McCarthy's work over the years, and this is one book I have been really looking forward to. I cannot praise his writing enough. This is three books in one, which I think has put me off as it's a pretty hefty tome, but I'm actually excited to get stuck in)

4. The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood (yup, this is the book that Zac Efron movie was based on. Haven't seen the film, but my obsession with reading books that have been turned into films apparently knows no limits!)

5. How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran (I saw a woman reading this on a train, and she was shaking with laughter at it. I bought the book purely based on this reaction, as there are few thinks I enjoy more than crying with laughter at a book.)

6. Doomed by Chuck Palahniuk (do I really need to say any more? This is the only Palahniuk book I haven't read and I've been saving it. I think once I've read it I may just go back and re-read all his other books for the tenth time.)

7. Yes Man by Danny Wallace (purely because I want to watch the Jim Carey film they made of it, but won't let myself until I've read the book!)

8. No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July (so much love for Miranda July. I've wanted to read this book for yonks now, and thought the time was right.)

9. Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones (yes, the book that inspired the Miyazaki anime! I am such a huge Hayao Miyazaki fan, so when I discovered this book I had to add it to the list)

10. The Green Mile by Stephen King (one of my favourite films ever, plus I have a huge soft spot for Stephen King. Might sound weird but I used to be obsessed with his books when I was about 10-12 years old. I've never really been a fan of reading age appropriate books!)

So there you have it - 10 books to read in 2015. I'm hoping I will be able to squeeze in a couple more here and there. Do you make a similar 'to read' list for the year? Or do you have any books you'd highly recommend? I absolutely LOVE getting books recommended to me.

thoughts and ramblings

Today, and for the last week or so really, I've been thinking a lot about what freedom of speech means to me. A lot of it stems of course from the murder of the Charlie Hebdo journalists and staff in Paris last week, but actually part of it has also branched out from some things I've seen happening online lately. A couple of days ago I saw a well-known video blogger post about receiving abuse from some of her online followers, specifically targeting the way she looks. Not just this, but they also were criticising her daughter's appearance in some of the photos she had shared of them together. Seeing this, reading these completely mindless abusive comments, it made my heart ache. Then I saw that someone had called out one of the people leaving these negative comments, telling them if they didn't have anything nice to say, then they shouldn't say anything at all. The response to this was 'I have the freedom to say whatever I want to whoever I want.'

It's true. People have fought and died so that today we have the freedom of speech, but is this really what you think they had in mind when they gave their lives? So that we could troll other people online and tell them they are too fat, too thin, have horrible hair, that their children are ugly. Why do people seem to think that because you have the right to say whatever you want, that you should? Would they say it to the person if they met them face to face? My guess is that they wouldn't, but that the internet gives them protection in a way - they can hide behind an avatar and hurl abuse at people they have never met, safe in the knowledge that there will be no 'real-life' repercussions for them. There is no excuse for it. How would you feel if every time you posted a photo online you had hundreds of people comment on it mocking the way you look, how you're dressed, what colour lipstick your wearing.

I genuinely don't understand why anyone would treat another person this way. The only answer I have come up with is that these people are jealous and insecure. It's like my parents always told me - people that bully others do it because they are weak and have no self-confidence. If they were strong and confident and happy then they would be too busy getting on with their own lives to have time to criticise other people's! If it wasn't such an awful way to behave I would almost feel sorry for them.

Sure, there are people online that I don't necessarily enjoy. Their lifestyle isn't one I would like to live, they don't dress in clothes I like, they sometimes do and say things I don't think are very wise, but as long as they aren't hurting anyone or doing anything illegal, then who am I to get involved? What gives me the right to comment on their photos telling them that they are behaving like a prat, that their skirt is so short I can see what they had for breakfast, or that their new tattoo looks awful? 

There are people being slaughtered in their hundreds in countries around the world, because of the greed of a few. Children are dying of AIDS, lack of clean water, starvation. Even in this country people are living below the poverty line, or are forced to sleep on the streets. And yet there are those out there who use their voice and their freedom to tell someone on Instagram that they look disgusting. It just isn't right.

Monday, 12 January 2015

2015 Goals

I'm not a big fan of resolutions. I don't like saying 'I will do this' because usually that makes me want to do the exact opposite (what a rebel, huh?!) Instead I like to set myself goals for the year ahead. I'm a big fan of goals because alongside goals, I give myself rewards for reaching those goals. And who doesn't like rewards?! I always like to share my goals online, because it makes them feel more real by putting them out there and making other people aware of them.

Personal Goals

- pass my driving test (and buy a car)
- try my hand at screenprinting
- experiment more with my juicing and try adding new stuff to my daily juice
- plan trips to other parts of the UK
- learn to play the ukelele
- go to Longleat Safari Park
- crochet something using t-shirt yarn
- learn to weave on a loom
- make at least one recipe from each of my cookbooks
- learn calligraphy and practice each day
- finish my crochet ripple blanket
- make new penpals and send snail mail once a month
- use my sewing machine (possibly take a course to learn to use it properly)
- shoot at least one roll of film per month
- embroider all of the embroidery patterns I have purchased before being allowed to buy any more
- read all the books in my 'to read' pile (I'll be sharing what these books are tomorrow)
- take a ceramics course
- blog outfit posts (I'm hoping this will encourage me to not slob around in jeans and baggy jumpers every day, and also to find new outfit combinations)
- have a go at using a letterpress

Business Goals

- create new ranges using new techniques/materials
- run more business talks
- update my product photos
- have a craft project published in a magazine
- collaborate with at least three other artists/makers
- create monthly goodie boxes
- have some professional photos taken of my work
- launch a range of stationery and gift items
- post more DIY projects on my blog (at least once a week)
- reach 10k Instagram followers
- attend at least one craft fair/market per month
- improve my knowledge of Google Analytics
- send email newsletters to customer and stockists every month
- give back to the community through my business - in particular I'd like to do something for the Dog's Trust we rescued our dog from, and also to the hospital that helped my friend overcome cancer
- reach out to potential new stockists

As you can see a lot of my goals centre around learning and trying new things, and also finishing up/using up what I already have. I'm a really big believer in keeping your mind active, and it's something I've neglected a lot recently. I love learning new things, particularly when it comes to craft, so a lot of my goals involve learning new craft skills. My goal is to ultimately try and use some of these new skills to create new products for Ladybird Likes.

What are your goals for this year? I'd love to have a read if you've posted them somewhere, and maybe we can encourage each other? I'll be updating on here as/when I've achieved some of my goals, so watch this space...

Saturday, 10 January 2015

2014 - a year in review

In an attempt to pick myself up and try to get back to business, I've been looking back over 2014, and trying to remember why I do this, and reignite my love for this little business of mine. I'm proud of how much I have achieved this year (and a little bit shocked that I crammed so much into one year that seemed to fly past!) This is now my third year running Ladybird Likes, and whilst I've done lots already, there is still SO much I still want to do. But for now I'm reflecting and regrouping.

I wanted to share with you a few of my highlights from 2014, which were that I;

* had my moon collar clips featured on Doctor Who! A definite career highlight for me, I loved seeing Clara Oswald, the new Doctor's companion, wearing my jewellery on the TV. They were also featured in loads of the promotional photos for the new series, and are now on display at the Doctor Who Experience!

* went on the most incredible holiday to Austin! It's hard being self-employed and going on holiday as you never want to switch off and let go, but this was probably the first time since starting Ladybird Likes that I properly got to relax, and I loved every minute!

* held my first ever jewellery making workshops at SMUG in Islington. I taught a bunch of super awesome ladies to make wooden jewellery, and definitely got the bug for teaching and crafting with others. I can't wait to do more in 2015.

* created a bunch of DIY posts for my blog, including this one to make a vintage letter writing set, and this one to make a folded book photo display.

* got featured in a bunch of awesome magazines, including three awesome features in long-time favourite Mollie Makes, plus a super awesome mention in Frankie magazine.

* made my first ever sourdough bread from scratch and nearly burst from pride (cooking is not my strong point so it's a miracle it wasn't ruined)

* had my first experiences of public speaking about business, which were a huge success! I was invited to talk about various aspects of setting up and running your own business at Spring Fair International, and at the Crafty Fox Talks, which gave me the courage to start giving solo talks too, which I will be continuing into 2015 too.

* Ladybird Likes went to their first ever trade show at Top Drawer. One of the busiest/most stressful periods of my life (don't do a trade show, craft fair, and go on holiday all in the space of a fortnight guys unless you are good running on zero sleep.) But in all seriousness, it was such a good experience, and I loved doing it.

* learnt to knit thanks to my wonderful friend Siobhan, as well as how to crochet a granny square, and to crochet a ripple blanket. I've been working on several crochet projects, and am pretty proud of how far my skills have come in the last year!

* was on the TV! oh yes, little old me and my jewellery bits were on CNBC as part of a news feature about Etsy. It's probably the most nervous I have ever been EVER (I considered not going when I woke up on the day) but it ended up being really fun, and was all over too quickly.

* created tons of new products, including lots of limited edition items for my goodie boxes, and new stationery items too. I absolutely love making new things, and cannot wait to do lots more of it this coming year.

* attended the London Blogcademy, which turned out to be one of the best weekends of my life, and I left feeling so inspired.

* launched Crafty Catch Up Club, providing a monthly meeting for creative people to get together with others who share the same passions. I hope to continue this, and get even more people involved (drop me an email if you want to sign up to the newsletter!)

*was invited to showcase my work at West Elm, as part of an Etsy pop up shop, which was so much fun, and I was honoured to be chosen. I also returned to West Elm a few months later to run a jewellery making workshop for their customers.

2014 was an amazing year, and I feel so lucky and so humbled by it all. Despite all the setbacks I am excited to see what 2015 holds, and to try and make some of my dreams a reality, even if some of them have been put on hold. I'll be sharing my goals for 2015 in the next few days

Friday, 9 January 2015

i heart iphone photos

December was a crazy month. It always is, and I always know it will be, but it still manages to surprise me just how manic it gets! Working ridiculous hours, trying to juggle work and a personal life (admittedly very badly!), all whilst trying to get in the festive spirit. Plus, this year I had the added stress of moving into a new studio. I still managed to take a few photos though on my iphone, so thought I'd share a little round up of what I got up to during the month of December. (all descriptions are clockwise from top left)

 I made Christmas themed jewellery for the first time this year and they were a huge hit // there were lots of new products launched in December, including these mixed packs containing postcards, decals, and badges which I'm super proud of! // me and the boy-o went on a sourdough bread course which was AWESOME and we made these yummy bagels // I spent most of December looking like a hot mess thanks to no sleep and no time for personal grooming, so this is the only selfie I took!

 I love the sunsets we get in winter // my Bust Craftacular stallholder badge - love doing this craft fair each Christmas // a huge milestone for my little business was passing 4000 sales over on Etsy // I organised a Christmas card swap with some of my online friends, which was so fun, and definitely something I will be making an annual Christmas tradition

 me and the boy-o made honeycomb and chocolate fudge as gifts for our family - I'm a big fan of giving handmade gifts and this was about all we had time to make, but it seemed to go down a treat! // Christmas for me wouldn't be complete without a trip to Columbia Road Flower Market - I bought a bunch of gorgeous new succulents // one of my favourite Christmas gifts was this retro style record player JJ bought me - I can't wait to go record shopping for some new vinyl // I had a super relaxed and quiet Christmas at home with my family and the dogs, before spending Boxing Day with the mister

one of the most exciting parts of December was finalising on a new studio - although since then everything has gone a bit wrong (see previous post for all the details) I still wanted to post these photos as my December was full of excitement and planning and dreaming about my new space.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Art We Heart.... Elizabeth Pawle

We are starting 2015 off in style here at Ladybird Likes - not only do we have a shiny new blog feature, but we are also having a totally awesome giveaway offering two lucky readers the chance to win a piece of original art by one of our favourite artists, Elizabeth Pawle!

 I only recently discovered Elizabeth's work via instagram, and realised she was offering some original illustrations for sale so had to purchase some - I adore her simple style, adorable little critters, and her use of colours and textures. Her work has pride of place now in my studio and in my bedroom at home, that's how much I love it!

 Love Elizabeth's art as much as we do? (and how could you not?!) Well you are in luck - we have two pieces of original art by Elizabeth up for grabs for two lucky readers. Each piece is created using pencil and watercolours, and is totally one of a kind. You can see the two pieces of art below....

 To enter all you need to do is go make sure you are following @ladybirdlikes and @elizabethpawle on instagram, and then leave a comment below with your email address. Entries will close at midnight on 9th January, and I will pick two winners at random on 10th January and notify them by email.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

an update and some news....

So, a little update for you all. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have already seen me post about the fact that 2015 has not gotten off to the best start for me unfortunately. I ended 2014 on such a high - moving in to my new studio, planning exciting new ventures to run from this amazing space... and then on New Year's Eve it all went wrong. I'm sharing this here because I want to keep everyone who has been so kind and supportive in the loop, and to share my experiences so that hopefully they may help someone else to not end up in the same situation.

Whilst decorating and moving in to my studio last week I bumped into another tenant from the same floor, who was in the process of moving out. We got chatting and I casually asked why they were moving out (just making conversation really.) They seemed extremely shocked that I would ask such a question, and asked if I knew what was happening to the building. They then went on to explain that the whole industrial estate, including our building, was being demolished to make way for redevelopment. My heart dropped into my stomach. At no point did my landlord ever mention this to me. I moved in with the intention of building my business, using the space to run workshops and classes hopefully for years to come, and to really carve a space out for myself. Suddenly, none of this was going to be possible.

Not only had I already paid a month's rent, plus another month as a security deposit, I'd also paid to decorate the space, and bought furniture. Myself and my family and boyfriend had given up our time off over Christmas to move in and get everything ready, and now we were being told the building was being knocked down. I immediately tried to contact my landlord to find out more information, and to ask why he hadn't told me any of this when I moved in, but he refused to answer my calls, text messages or emails, and still hasn't (it has been six days now!) My New Year's Eve should have been spent celebrating, getting excited for the year ahead, and instead it was spent crying on the sofa, eating a giant toblerone. (okay, the toblerone part probably would have happened either way but, y'know.)

When I moved in to the property, I was sent a 'licence to occupy' agreement which I never actually signed (because I was only sent it via email, and was never actually asked to sign it by anyone!) The agreement committed me to twelve months, but states that the landlord can ask me to leave at any point, by serving me with one month;s notice, without giving any reason. I thought that perhaps the fact that I hadn't signed the agreement would make it void, and I'd simply be able to move out after a month. Unfortunately, after looking into it, this doesn't seem to be the case. By paying him and moving in to the premises, my actions have in effect agreed to the terms, so it seems as though I am legally bound to occupy the space and pay rent each month.

From speaking to current tenants and former tenants in my building (as my landlord is still refusing to give me any information whatsoever) it seems as though we will all have to be moved off the site by end of March this year. However it could be later than this, and there have been mentions of not needing to leave until as late as July or August. This means I will be paying £900 a month rent for a space I cannot use. While I could go there each day and work (although this would cost me more money and time in travel expenses as I currently live on the other side of London, so I'd rather continue to work from home) I would still be unable to organise workshops and classes as planned, as I have no idea when the building will be demolished. It does not seem sensible, or financially viable, to invest more money in a venture that I may only be able to run for a month or two.

I am currently seeking legal advice on the matter, but due to the nature and the terms of the agreement, it seems that I am (to put it politely) up the creek without a paddle. Most agreements of this nature (particularly when they are a 'license' rather than a 'lease') are very, very heavily weighted in the favour of the landlord, to the point where you as a tenant have almost no legal rights. It feels so unfair that someone can let you commit to a twelve month agreement knowing full well that he cannot provide you with a premises for the full twelve months.

It would seem that my landlord, by all accounts, is a complete douchebag. He is keeping a lot of people in the dark about the whole situation, but sadly is well within his rights legally to do so. So currently I am in limbo - the majority of my belongings are still in the new studio. I've brought back home the bare essentials needed for running the business day to day, so that at least we can still process orders. I'm unable to plan anything for the future right now, as I have literally no idea what my situation will be. The hardest part for me has been the realisation that the dream which I thought was going to become a reality in 2015, may actually now have to be put on hold indefinitely. I feel crushed. My heart is not in this right now. I'm supposed to be working on plans for workshops and classes, designing new products, finalising my Valentine's Day collection. Instead I am calling lawyers and solicitors.

My advice to anyone looking at moving their business into a property owned by someone else - get a solicitor or someone with a legal background to read through your agreement before you give the landlord a single penny. Ask questions, as many questions as possible. Don't be afraid to ask for the agreement to be amended if it doesn't suit your needs and, if they refuse, walk away. Talk to other tenants and get an idea of what your landlord is like and how he treats them. There are some awful people out there, who do not care what they do to you, or how their actions affect you. Don't be a victim, be proactive, and know your legal rights. I wish I had known this before I gave them my money, but now I just want to make sure no-one else gets stung like I have.

Free Printable 2015 Calendar

When did 2015 happen?! Last year absolutely flew by for me, and I still find it hard to believe Christmas and New Years is over and done. Because this year snuck up on me big time, I haven't even gotten round to buying a calendar which, for someone who loves calendars as much as I do, this is a pretty big deal. No, seriously, buying a new calendar is one of my highlights of the year. Sad, I know!

With this in mind I thought I'd try and hunt down a printable one online and, lo and behold, I found not one, but SIX amazing printable calendars that, best of all, are completely FREE! Oh yeah, my bargain loving side is having a party right now. I thought I'd share them all here in case any of you are looking for one too and wanna save some pennies.

 by the incredible Oh the Lovely Things, this is one of my favourite (pastel colours, watermelon, bears, and constellations? heck yes!)

 this Instagram calendar by Going Home to Roost is awesome because not only does she take seriously gorgeous photos, some of the best of which feature in this calendar, but also you can customise it using your own Instagram photos! perfect if you'd like to make one for a gift (totally making these for everyone I know)

 I couldn't resist the scrummy bright colours and fun patterns in this calendar by Coco and Mingo - perfect for brightening up what looks set to be a pretty grey January.

 a treasure trove of candy colours and super kawaii patterns, this calendar by Nalle's House has stolen my heart. currently only January is available to download and print, but other months will be added as the year goes on. I can't wait to see the rest of the designs.

 the lovely folk over at Boat People Boutique produced this super cute illustrated calendar in collaboration with artist Esthera Preda. I adore her style and use of colour.

and last, but by no means least, is this super minimal but flippin gorgeous monochrome calendar by Chantel Emma. I love the calligraphy used, and the simple colours, also, definitely stealing the idea of clipping this on to a clipboard.

Will you be downloading and printing any of these calendars to use? I'd love to hear which is your favourite. And if, like me, you love free printable stuff, then be sure to check out and follow my 'printables' board over on my Pinterest. I will be sharing some of my favourites from there over the course of the year.