Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lazy Oaf x Lomography (part 1)

 I'm super super proud of this shoot because it was blogged over on the Lomography site right here which, me being a massive Lomography fan, is a huge honour and very exciting (yup, I did a little dance when I read about it, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!) You can also read more about the shoot over on the Lazy Oaf blog here and here. These are from the same shoot I blogged about last week, but these were taken on a LC-Wide (kindly loaned to use by the lovely people at Lomography) rather than my trusty Canon AV-1. I'm always hesitant about shooting on two cameras at the same time, as I worry they will end up looking a bit samey, but these couldn't be more different!

these photos right here are probably my favourite photos EVER - such an unexpected result from using slide film on a backlit subject, but definitely something I want to try and recreate!

we ventured outside for some of the shoot too, these looks were shot down a little alleyway, and I love the  distressed paint, and the exposed brick as backdrops (and that worn away vintage sign is perfection, I want it in my house!)


  1. Great photos. The ones infront of the window are very atmospheric. xx

  2. bring on more shoots in 2012! Let's do a creepy Valentines shoot, maybe something a bit morbid (any excuse to get in a graveyard basically!!!) xx

  3. They are amazing!! The slide film with the LC-A looks wonderful and I love the wide lens. Though, I'm amazed you're hesitant of using two cameras at once with film, we need to sort that out :)


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