Thursday, 6 October 2011

we heart dinosaurs (part 1)

So, this post should have been posted a couple of months ago, after me and Emma went on a day out to the Natural History Museum. However something went wrong with my camera, and only four of the photos came out. So instead I waited until I had a chance to revisit, and take some more photos, although sadly sans Emma. As a child the Natural History Museum was my favourite place to go, and visiting now feels like coming home in a way. Although I'm a bit grown up for most of it, I still found myself endlessly fascinated by the amazing world we live in.

these intricate animal and plant based stone carvings were everywhere both inside and outside the museum - I love how many things I noticed as an adult that I never realised were there as a child.

being a bit of a star-gazer, this wall depicting all the main constellations of stars was probably my favourite part of the whole museum

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