Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Exhibition Night at LCC

As many of you know last Thursday was the private viewing of my group exhibition at LCC (London College of Communication) to celebrate the end of my one year ABC Diploma in Photography. It has been a rollercoaster year. When I first started the course I hated it, and I came very close to quitting altogether. It was only my own stubborn nature, and my refusal to not see something through to the end, that meant I stayed put. And I'm so glad I did. Through this course I have met two of my favourite people in the world, who inspire me endlessly (yeah, that's you Masayo and Sofia!), and it's given me the opportunity to develop my own style within photography, and I think I'm a better photographer because of this. Enough of the sap though.....

I arrived early and alone on the opening night, as I needed to put out my business cards and portfolios, and make sure my space was ready. Here is the view of my space from the bridge section over the Well Gallery.

 My wall of work in all its glory. One thing I noticed was the prints I thought were going to be huge (the small are A3 and the big are A2) looked TINY on the wall. So glad I didn't make the same mistake as some people and exhibit 5x7" prints!

 We even had professional looking name and titles which are basically just like letraset, and you simply rub them on the wall. My title was "everything was beautiful and nothing hurt" which is a quote from Kurt Vonnegut's 'Slaughterhouse 5', one of my all time favourite books, and the same book which my 'so it goes' tattoo is from.

 About 7pm all my friends and my family arrived - I am the luckiest girl in the world to know so many amazing people, I felt close top tears at several points as familiar faces kept popping up around me. I'm also the stupidest girl in the world as once the madness started (these photos were all taken when it was calm!) I completely forgot to take ANY photos! But it's all imprinted on my memory, and I will forever be in debt to everyone who came out just to support me. Here is me looking incredibly tired but incredibly happy.

 Any excuse to use my dymo labellers (yes, I have more than one) - these are my two final portfolios of work. The top one contains my photojournalism work, the bottom one my fashion photography. I left them out for people to have a flick through, and many people did which made me happy. Although my nerves meant I didn't go and talk to anyone who was looking at my work, I did overhear two girls exclaiming that my work was 'lovely' which pretty much made my life!

 And finally here is a photo of my wonderful family. My Mumy, Daddy, Gemma, Jadie (my younger sisters) and me. They are the most amazing family and I love them all endlessly.

Thanks again to everyone who came along - you're all amazing, and one day I hope to be able to show you the love and support you've shown me. That or I will buy you some cake. xoxo

PS. I can't believe after all the stress and craziness I take down my exhibition tonight! All feels a little surreal.


  1. It all looks so damn nice! I was really gutted I couldn't go before but even more so now

  2. Your photos look beautiful (: Your family look so proud too! I have actually just had a weird thought...I am 100% you served me when I last popped in to Lazy Oaf!

  3. congratulations Zoe, you made it! :)
    all your hard work has paid off, you're a talented photographer
    i'm glad you didn't give up because i might never have discovered your blog & your photography; you're an inspiration

  4. omedeto〜!Zoe-chan :D
    well done to youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

  5. That is so exciting! Everything looks amazing, and you should be so proud of yourself! Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment!

  6. Your exhibition was brilliant, and you looked gorgoeus on the night too! I took some photos around the exhibition if you want me to send you some, just drop me an email. Congrats on all your hard work!!

    Oh, and to your question about how I remember links: I read blogs via bloglovin and then I just 'like' posts I want to come back to. Then when I write a post I just check back to the liked posts and they're all there. Simples! Before I used to bookmar everything and it took aages!

  7. congratulations, it looks like it went beautifully! i also just recently had my first exhibition and i couldnt believe how emotional it made me! i put it down to all the stress and craziness leading up to the night as well as all the support from everyone.

    and i love k vonneguttoo, so it goes x



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