Saturday, 10 December 2011

a total renegade

 When I visited New York, a whopping four years ago now, I discovered Renegade Craft Fair after reading about their Brooklyn one on a blog. It coincided perfectly with my visit to New York, so me and my sister made the commute over the river to Brooklyn to check it out. I'm pretty sure that's the moment I really fell in love with the crafting community - seeing so many creative people making businesses and lives out of their talents really stuck with me. So I literally shrieked when I found out that this year they would be holding a Renegade in London for the first time ever! And I was even more excited to discover that two of my blogging friends Kim and Zoe (yes, another Zoe, I like to pretend we are twins!) would be selling their beautiful wares there.

I tried to resist spending every penny I own there, but I did buy a few Christmas presents (which I won't show on here in case their recipient spies them) plus a few treats for myself because I mean it's only fair to support other crafty businesses, right? (I can literally justify buying ANYTHING, it's a bad habit)
You can also read Kim's post about Renegade, and Zoe's too, they have much better photos than I do because, once again, I only took photos of signs and silly things. Seriously, I'm going cold turkey on sign photos from now on.

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