Monday, 18 July 2011

Creighton's Chocolaterie

One of my best friends, the uber talented Lucy Vanilla who you may remember from previous blog posts... she is the amazing lady who made me my very own gingerbread beach hut plus a cake version of burger and fries. A few weeks ago she, along with her family, opened a chocolate shop in Leighton Buzzard called Creighton's Chocolaterie. I decided that a visit was in order (partly to see the shop, but mostly because Lucy moved back to LB nearly two months ago and I haven't seen her since.) The shop is housed in a listed building, and they have made it so cosy and welcoming...

I got a huge bag of this milk chocolate with pretzels slab, and it vanished within a day...

my personal favourite - moustache lollies...

 if you've never tried salted chocolate then DO IT - it's the best thing ever

 love that the chocolate is arranged in rows of colour

 these would make such an ace gift - next time I will be stocking up!

 repping up the LB!

 they have tasters of the different types of chocolate they use on the counter....

Lucy bought these weighing scales when we went car booting together - they weighed a TON (no pun intended there)

 As part of my visit I got to help out making chocolates! They make all their chocolates in store by hand, which I personally think is AMAZING. So much nicer than buying from a huge commercial company. Here is Lucy tempering some chocolate...

 I decided to make some moustache lollies from dark chocolate to take home as wee gifts for some lovely people... here are the moulds all prepared...

.... and filled with chocolate (there is an art to getting it in neatly, one that I obviously have to master!)

 I also 'helped' dip some truffles ready for sale in the shop

 (yeah that's me looking pleased as punch with my effort)

If you live in  the area then do go and visit, but if not then you can always order online from their website.


  1. ohhh, I'm glad they have an online site :) salted chocolate is my favourite at the moment, I can't stop eating it!

  2. All lovely. I can verify for everybody that chocolate moustaches are indeed amazing - though I had a chocolate Hitler stain underneath my nose from using it as a prop rather than lollipop for too long after eating mine (thanks for the ACE birthday gift Zo')

    I also adore chili chocolate, which is and always will be one of my fave chocs. Salted chocolate I've always meant to try and now will do x

  3. Oh that looks like a fun and yummy day! I must try the salted chocolate too, it sounds good.


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