Saturday, 5 November 2011

museum of everything at selfridges

 IT's that time of year again when The Museum of Everything opens its doors to the public, only this time instead of being in its usual spot in Primrose Hill, they had collaborated with Selfridges and had taken over the Ultralounge area. Myself and Kate, being fans of the museum, decided to pay it a visit in what I hope will become something of an annual tradition!

Unfortunately, there are too many nice signs around The Museum of Everything, and you all know what a sucker I am for a nice sign. This, coupled with the fact that you can't take photos inside the exhibitions, means that the only photos there are of our day together are these following shots.... my new year's resolution is going to (once again) be to take more photos of people and not just objects!

 that seat down there was in the cafe/shop part of the museum - there was a whole line of them with different coffee related slogans on, and I wish I'd taken a photo of every one, they are so cute!

Sadly the museum closes its doors tomorrow, but watch their website for the launch of exhibition number 5 sometime next year!


  1. Such a fun day!! I need to get my film developed asap xx

  2. i really like all of these!

  3. I went too and LOVED it, was such an inspiring exhibition and there were so many things I wanted for my walls! and I also couldn’t get enough of the signage :)


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