Sunday, 13 March 2011

A (Belated) Valentine

What with it being nearly a month since Valentines Day I decided to go ahead and show you what I made for my own loves. And by loves I mean friends. And, just in case you're one of those anti-Valentines people, I know it's a completely commercial pile of crap, but only if you buy into it. Otherwise it's just a good excuse to tell the people you love that you.... well, love them, which can only be a good thing, right? Oh, and I know you shouldn't need an excuse to tell your loved ones how you feel but, let's be honest, sometimes we forget and we need a little kick up the bum.

But I digress... I was on a tight budget this year, what with being a student (again) and so tried to only use supplies I already had to hand. The only thing I had to buy was vellum paper for the envelopes, but that only cost me a few pounds.

I found the tutorial to crochet these hearts here, and once I got the hang of it they were actually pretty simple. Then I made envelopes out of vellum paper, which I stamped 'with love' on. I packaged each one up with a folded paper crane decoration and a red heart shaped balloon. Although it wasn't a grand gesture I think my Valentines liked them, and I liked making them.


  1. These are incredibly cute!!

  2. i LOVE mine! its so so cute and the crane is hanging in my room xx

  3. They're beautiful! Such a lovely idea for a gift. I love giving my friends Valentine's too, it's a great excuse to give things to the people you love, not just to buy crap from Clinton's! x


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