Friday, 15 April 2016

Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Last week I spent an extremely fun day faffing around (I mean, working hard) with my ridiculously talented friend Mim, photographing some of her beautiful new creations. You may know Mim from Instagram where she is @madebymim or from some of my previous blog posts where I've written about and posted photos of her gorgeous home. Well, needless to say it was the perfect backdrop for our photoshoot, and I had the best time arranging props and backdrops for the pictures.

Here are a few little behind the scenes photos I snapped while we were getting creative....

 And, just to prove that we did actually do some work and didn't sit and eat cake all day (although it was very tempting - Mim's husband David makes the BEST cakes and this time he had made a chocolate sponge filled with jam and cream that was soooo yummy!)  here's a little preview of some of the photos I shot.


I'm absolutely smitten with Mim's new art dolls - the mermaid and the land girl are both so beautiful and detailed. From land girl's teeny knitted jumper and perfectly coiffed needle felted hair, to the individually stitched star sequins on the mermaid doll, they aren't toys, they really are pieces of art. It's obvious how much love and attention Mim puts into each one. If you'd like to nab one of your own then head over to her Etsy shop and follow her on Instagram to stay up to date on when new dolls will be available.


  1. O my goodness! I love these so much. The mermaids are so very beautiful but I think I love the sausage dogs the most, there is something super glorious about their pom poms. x

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