Friday, 11 March 2016

Kitsch Crochet Edged Circles

A while ago I wanted to practice adding crochet edging, but I didn't have any crochet projects that needed an edging added. So rather than spending hours crocheting up something to potentially ruin with my edging practice, I printed some fun pictures onto thick cardstock, cut them out, and then got practicing! I used mercerised cotton (I bought mine from eBay in a range of colours) and a small hook (I think I used a 2mm for these.) There are loads of tutorials for adding edging online - you basically start with a blanket stitch to give yourself something to crochet into, and then you can change up the number and type of stitches you use to give different edging effects.

These cute little circles are currently hung up in my studio as a garland, and I made some to use as gift tags too. My next project is to use iron on transfers and felt to recreate them in fabric form to turn into brooches! Trust me, once you've tried crochet edging you will want to add it to EVERYTHING - I'm currently adding edging to all my pillowcases for my bed (which, admittedly, is taking a very long time, but it will be worth it!)

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  1. These are just too cute!we really need to have a crochet day, I'm really missing crochet, I need to make me a new crochet collar !


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