Friday, 22 April 2016

30 Things To Do Before I'm 30

So just in case you couldn't guess from the title of this post, I'm turning 30 soon. VERY soon in fact. August 9th, y'know just in case anyone wants to send me a card or buy me a puppy or whatever. That's like three and a half months away. And so in true Zoe style I figured why not set myself an unrealistic list of goals to reach before that point. And here they are....

In case you can't read my crappy handwriting here is the list;
- stay in a yurt
- send 100 pieces of snail mail
- learn to play a song on the ukuelele
- blog outfit posts on a regular basis
- visit somewhere new in London
- bake ten new things from my cookbooks
- finally find some comfy sandals
- stay in an airstream trailer
- reach my personal savings goal
- shoot ten rolls of film
- raise money for charity (specifically for the Dog's Trust because that's where we rescued Jasper from)
- finish my epic declutter
- toast marshmallows over a fire
- sew myself a dress (from scratch)
- visit three new places in the UK (I'm thinking Edinburgh, Rye, and somewhere in Cornwall...)
- start (and keep!) a happiness journal
- go geocaching with Liam
- learn to weave
- get a new tattoo
- leave happy notes in public for people to find
- start a patchwork quilt
- go rollerskating
- learn to hand tie a bouquet
- read six new books
- buy a giant inflatable and take it to the pool
- learn to meditate (and do it regularly)
- propagate my succulents
- make myself some candles
- do a letterpress workshop
- smile every day

Okay, so some of these I know I won't fit in before my birthday. But I wanted to put them on the list so that hopefully I will get them done this year at some point. Some things I have already scheduled in - we are going geocaching next week when I visit Liam in Norwich, and I have ordered myself some fabric for my first ever dress sewing venture. And I've already started to propagate my succulents although they haven't sprouted yet.

As I tick things off my list I will blog about them (even if just to prove that I've done them!) Anyone else hitting a milestone birthday this year? Are you making a 'things to do' list beforehand?


  1. Ooo I love a good list! I turned 30 last year and thankfully it wasn't as hideous as people have you believe. No break down, just lots of fun. Looking forward to seeing what you manage to get done, i'm from Cornwall, so if you want any advice of where to visit, send me a little email and i'll give you lots of places to check out. x

    P.S. Have fun Geocaching! Hope you find lots of lovely cute notes.

  2. That sounds like a fun year you're going to have! I am going to be 40 in 2 and a bit years, so I downloaded the World Walking app and I plan to walk the Great Wall of China by the time I'm 40...all from Blighty! If you want some places to send snail mail to have a look at The World Needs More Love Letters, great idea to give people some love when they need it most.

  3. That is a very good list! Wish I had done something like this!!!

  4. I promise you, life gets easier in your 30s ☺️ xx

  5. That is a very good list!


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