Friday, 22 April 2016

East London (part one)

Last weekend my boyfriend (ooer, still feels a bit odd saying that after being single for a year!) came to stay for a couple of days, and we went adventuring in East London on the Saturday. He's from Norwich and hasn't seen much of London, so I'm trying to drag him round some of my favourite areas and places, and top of the list was Shoreditch and the bits surrounding it.

Even though it was a bit of a miserable, drizzly day at times, we still had lots of fun wandering and snapping photos. Oh and stuffing out faces at Pizza East - if you haven't been I highly recommend it. I had a spicy sausage and tenderstem broccoli pizza which was INCREDIBLE (even if I couldn't finish it all - curse you tiny stomach.) The one in Shoreditch even has a vintage photobooth - one of the film ones, not a digital one that looks vintage. It's super cool and it now even takes card payments which, in my opinion, is bloody genius because I normally never have cash/change when I go to a photobooth.

 This is my favourite photo of this guy. He didn't know I was taking it, even though it looks a bit staged! Love the background too...

Mega thanks to this dude for putting up with me stopping to take photos every other step, and for posing for dumb pictures like this one with only minimal persuasion. I think it was the promise of pizza that sealed the deal.

I think this black and white owl street art was my favourite piece we saw because a) I love all things owl and b) I'm currently going through a big monochrome phase.

What are your favourite places to go in London? Do you go to visit a specific shop or cafe or bar, or do you like to wander and get yourselves a bit (okay, a lot) lost? I think I find the best things when I wander aimlessly and don't plan the day out too much, but I do always worry that I've missed out on something awesome!


  1. All of that is fabulous street art!!! I love seeing the skills and it really does cheer up a place!! I took some pictures in Newcastle recently of some street art! There was an adorable fox-squirrel and Darth Cadet holding drinks!
    By the way,I left you an instagram comment on your Ladybird likes sells on the mushroom brooches post-if you still have a set available, I'd like to buy a set please!

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