Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Clay Club Easter Treats

Last Wednesday was my last ever Clay Club (hosted by the amazing Charlotte Mei) and so I wanted to take along some sort of sweet treats. I ended up not having time to do any proper baking so I thought that the proximity to Easter was the perfect excuse to whip up a batch of chocolate nests. As a kid I always loved Easter time purely because I'd get to eat these! I made mine with crushed up shredded wheat as I feel it gives the most authentically bird nest texture to the cakes. Plus mini eggs because who doesn't love mini eggs?!

 Keeping with the Easter theme I also whipped up some little Easter cards that doubled up as gifts - I bought these as an SVG file from Etsy to cut on my Silhouette, but they also come as a PDF so you can hand cut them too. I used some mid-weight pastel coloured cardstock that I had lying around from a workshop a while back. They turned out even cuter in real life - each little card Easter character is holding a mini Kinder egg (have you guys tried these mini Kinders? They are so good but so addictive!) but you could use any wrapped egg or wrapped Easter sweets.

I'll be sharing some more handmade Easter treats over the next few days too - although Easter is the holiday I always struggle with the most, I've been making good use of my Pinterest board and have managed to squeeze in some Easter themed crochet too!

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