Friday, 11 March 2016

Knitting and Stitching Show Haul

Every year I see the Knitting and Stitching show advertised, and tell myself I will take the morning off and go and visit, and every year work gets busy, or I forget about it and realise too late that it has been and gone! Well this year my friend Daisy from Make Thrift London had a stand, so it was the perfect excuse to go and visit and have a wander round. I didn't really take any photos while I was there as, due to my inability to read times, I ended up with just an hour and a half to run around and see as much as possible. Oh, and I lost my phone too, which resulted in lots of frantic hunting for the lost and found! But instead here are photos of some of the bits I purchased...

Daisy was selling some rather useful sewing kit essentials in the most amazing colours - practical but fun, my favourite combination. I'm always losing tape measures so thought these would be useful, and I just adore the vintage look of those chalk pencils at the top!

You can never have too much ribbon and trim right?! I use my stash for everything from finishing off sewing projects, to prettying up gifts, to pinning on my inspiration boards, so I'm always looking for cute new ribbon to add to my already overflowing box! But how could I resist that pastel rainbow ric rac style trim?

Right, so can we just talk about how much CUTE fabric I saw at the show?! It was seriously difficult to reign myself in, and I tried to just stick to buying fat quarters of fabrics I liked, as most of my current projects are very small. Plus it meant I could get a larger range of prints and colour than if I had bought a metre of them! I think my favourites are the yellow fox print, and the fruits and flamingoes print. The fox print came in half metre lengths, so I have enough to hopefully make myself a little bag eeep!

Oh, and I'm not particularly mad on bunnies, but I could not resist these pink and blue bunny print cottons. I loved the vibrant colours and the teeny rabbits printed all over. I'm thinking they'll make cute cushions when paired with another fabric.

And last but not least I got these gorgeous thicker fabrics that are a sort of heavier linen type material with beautiful prints. I haven't decided on a use for these yet, but I think at least one of them will become a tote bag (they were sold by the half metre too so I have plenty to play with) as the stronger fabric lends itself to making something that will get a lot of use.

Did anyone else visit the Knitting and Stitching Show? If you didn't but are a fan of beautiful fabrics/haberdashery/yarns then I highly recommend it! Whilst I love the convenience of shopping online it was really nice to go and look at fabrics in person before buying them.

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  1. Oooh, I love your purchases!!! That ricrac is amazing!!!Xx


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