Tuesday, 28 September 2010

101 Things About Me (Part 4)

I posted the first three installments of this a while ago, and then sort of forgot that I had one more left to do. Apparently that is a recurring theme on this blog. So if you want to read the first 75 things about me, either for the first time or to refresh your mind, you can find them here (part one, part two and part three.)

76. I can't walk in heels and have never been able to. When I was younger I used to buy heels and force myself to wear them out but all that happened is I fell over (a lot) and ended up walking home in bare feet. Now I stick to flats all the way.
77. I love anything with polka dots on.
78. People always think I am a lot younger than I actually am. (I am 24 in case you were wondering, but people usually guess I'm 18-20 years old)
79. My dream is to do a creative job that makes me happy.
80. I love Harry Potter. And I am not ashamed.
81. However I do not love Twilight, though both of my sisters are obsessed.
82. I sleep with a stuffed panda toy and have done for as long as I can remember.
83. My ideal man is basically a cross between Michael Cera and Matthew Gray Gubler.
84. I'm a complete cheapskate at heart. Life would be perfect if I could get away with buying everything from charity shops and car boot sales.
85. I'm addicted to thrifting. Literally. Gives me the biggest buzz to find a bargain. Sad but true.
86. I know all the words to 'Bring It On' and 'Clueless.'
87. As a child I had the most ridiculously overactive imagination. Even now one of my favourite things to do is play 'what if' in my head and daydream about ridiculous scenarios like 'what if I could do a trolley dash in Selfridges.'
88. I have blue/grey eyes which is apparently the reason why I am almost constantly squinting, as light coloured eyes let in more light.
89. My favourite director is Wes Anderson. But my favourite film of his is constantly changing. It's currently The Darjeeling Limited.
90. Marmite. I'm a lover not a hater.
91. I also love parma violets, but haven't met anyone else who likes them.
92. When I was younger me and my best friend used to pretend to speak in a foreign language to each other, but it was actually just gobbledy gook. We thought people would think we were cool, but actually they must have just thought we were a bit odd.
93. I start collections and then get bored of them. Although I do have a few long running ones which I am planning on blogging about soon...
94. Most of my friends are much smaller than me, and so I constantly feel like a bit of a giant.
95. I have a huge girl crush on Jenny Lewis, Zooey Deschanel, and Elsie Flannigan.
96. I love making lists but hate messy notebooks. I start using one and then when it gets too messy and full of lists I have to throw it away and start a new one.
97. Rudeness and pretentiousness are the two most awful personality traits anyone could possess.
98. I went to an all girls school from the age of 11 until I was 18. It was.... an experience.
99. I love learning. Totally geeky I know, but I'd love to be a student forever.
100. My friends are my everything and I love them more than they will ever realise.
101. I've enjoyed writing these 101 things a little bit too much....


  1. oh my. lady, we have soooo much in common, it's kind of ridiculous!

  2. I love Parma Violets because they taste of soap.


  3. my girl crushes and your girl crushes? same.

    and the making lists part? same.

    and practically everything else.

    we would be great friends, i just know it.


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