Friday, 16 July 2010

101 Things About Me (Part 2)

As promised here is part two of my '101 Things About Me' list.

26. The most I've ever gone without sleep is 36 hours. I don't remember much about it, other than being on the phone to a friend and falling asleep while she was talking.
27. I'm not a night person at all. I'd rather be at home watching a film and doing some crafts than going out to the pub.
28. When I was 18 I had this thing called Bell's Palsy, which is basically where half of your face is paralysed. It was terrifying at the time, and lasted for nearly 3 weeks, and even no my left eye does not open properly and I'm so conscious of it, especially when I see photos of myself.
29. Cherry coke is my most favourite drink in the world. I could drink it every day but have to limit myself as otherwise I would weigh 30 stone.
30. I love seeing people fall over. LOVE it. But I always feel really guilty afterwards.
31. I believe in karma. Sometimes it takes a while for it to come round but it ALWAYS does. This is a large part of the reason why I feel guilty after laughing at other people's misfortune - because I know it's going to come right round and bite me on the ass.
32. I hate the sound of metal against metal, to the point where I have to get someone else to put away saucepans for me because the sound makes me feel queasy!
33. People constantly look at me like they recognise me, which really freaks me out. I must have one of those faces, because it happens all the time. And at first I thought I was going crazy, but other people have commented on it too. Weird.
34. I'm very anti-social and enjoy being alone a bit too much. Another thing to work on!
35. I hate people who walk slowly or stop in the middle of the pavement. It drives me mad.
36. I love really early mornings.
37. I am a complete worrier. I inherited this trait from my mother. If I don't have something to worry about or stress over I feel a little bit lost.
38. I have a first class BA Hons degree in Creative Writing but still don't think I am any good at writing.
39. When I was five I had the reading age of an eleven year old.
40. I have glasses but hate wearing them. Hopefully this will be changing soon as I am going to Spitalfields on Sunday to get myself a pair of beautiful vintage specs!
41. I hate public speaking. Whenever I speak in front of more than a handful of people I go really red and get all flustered, even if they are people I know.
42. The thought of having children absolutely terrifies me. Mostly the childbirth aspect, but also the idea of having something to look after as I can barely look after myself.
43. I used to hate gold jewellery, but now I love it.
44. I have three piercings in my left ear, five in my right ear, plus a navel piercing and three tattoos.
45. I'm rubbish at accents. I can't do any accents at all.
46. My Iphone is my life. Sad but true.
47. I've taken my driving test twice but failed both times.
48. I've never drunk so much I puked. I am sensible like that. Also I can drink quite a lot. I once drank the best part of a bottle of apple sourz.
49. I hate feeling under dressed for occasions.
50. I name my cameras. Nothing else, just my cameras. Because (see number 42) they are my children.

Lots of text heavy posts I know, but I finally managed to take photos of my sketchbook and final project from LCC so will be posting those tomorrow. Be sure to check back xxx

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  1. These are fascinating! Im learning so much about you! Keep them coming my lovely! xx


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