Wednesday, 11 August 2010

(Don't Be) Square

No, I'm not dead. Well, not quite. My lengthy absence is due to two factors, which unfortunately (well in one case) occurred right after one another. First up I got food poisoning. The kind that knocks you for six, and which I am STILL (a week and a half later) recovering from. I won't bore you with the story, although it's actually quite a funny (in hindsight at least) tale, but suffice to say my poor little blog was the last thing on my mind. Then, on Monday, it was my birthday and I decided to declare this whole week my birthday week. Because inside I am still a spoilt, attention-seeking child, and one day of presents and fun is not enough. But I am back now, and will be blogging lots to make up for not posting in a fortnight. First up, some shots from the newest roll of film from my Diana Mini.

seeing stars in Brighton

love that colour door,a nd the white window decorations.

North Laine, Brighton

my kind of grafitti

bicycle on Brick Lane

mini cabs

happy balloons in Leicester Square

Union Jack flags in Camden

Bournemouth beach

Full English - yes please

hot air balloon

beach huts and some lens flare love

J-dog chilling out

feet and flowery fabric

Right, coming up I'm going to post some pictures from my birthday, some photos from a shoot with my sister, which I promised a while ago, as well as a few inspiration posts. I hope you're all enjoying my little blog. Remember, I always love to hear from readers, especially anyone in or around London! Loves xxx

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