Thursday, 1 August 2013

dinosaur planters

when I posted about my dinosaur planters over on instagram they were a massive hit. I purchased these cuties whilst in Texas, and somehow managed to smuggle them back in with the air plants they came with, and they now have pride of place in my bedroom. I'm not good with plants - my mum and Dad and sister both have major green fingers, but I think it skipped me! the plant in the triceratops looks a bit worse for wear in these photos, but I have thankfully nursed it back to health (by which I mean I've actually remembered to water it more than once a month, oops!)

I've seen numerous tutorials around the internet for making these dinosaur planters yourself, and I think I may have to attempt to make some myself for christmas gifts (and so I can have a whole army of dinosaur planters for myself, muahahahahahahaha.


  1. these are amazing - especially the triceratops!

  2. I have serious planter envy!
    They are the best things I've ever seen! So much better than a boring old plant pot, maybe i'll have a go of making my own too!
    Cat xx

  3. THEY ARE AMAZING, that's so cool haha, I want one!

  4. The triceratops looks awesome!


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