Thursday, 1 August 2013

DIY wooden bead necklaces

okay, so I missed last week's DIY post, but I didn't just give up (which is what I normally tend to do when I mess something up), and I made these painted wooden bead necklaces today which turned out exactly how I imagined them! I had all the supplies at home already, and just kind of winged it. I wanted to play around with different techniques, so I painted some solid colours (that turqouise blue one is actually ombre, it's just a  bit hard to see!), painted some just in sections (like the faceted beads), drew patterns directly on to the wood, and also glittered up some giant spherical beads.

 they look great hanging up altogether, and I'm really pleased as I'd actually wear all of these necklaces (normally I will set out to make myself something and end up being like 'meh, I'd never wear this'!

 I bought this topshop peter pan collar blouse on eBay secondhand the other day, and I love love love how it looks with the gold triangles on this simple single bead necklace

when I started painting these faceted beads grey I really didn't like how it was looking, and actually nearly gave up on it, but I added in bits of white and now it's my favourite out of all the necklaces I made

I'd definitely recommend picking up some wooden beads and having a go at making some necklaces -
it's such a simple project, and can be tailored to suit any tastes. I bought my beads from Hobbycraft, and online from Etsy, and they are super cheap. you can get some really cool shape beads too. why not try mixing painted wooden beads with other beads too? the possibilities are endless.


  1. Love love the grey geometricy (a real word right?) ones.

    Oooh good job!

  2. For ages the geometric one looked shiny gold to me! Clever shading tricks ;) xxx

  3. These are so beautiful! I love the glitter ones. I will definitely be making these. They would make great gifts too.


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