Wednesday, 17 April 2013

pretty new packaging

as the Ladybird Likes brand constantly grows and evolves, I've been focusing on trying to create consistent branding and packaging for the whole range. although I loved my old style of packaging (luggage tags in white and brown with handstamped logos on them) they were too flimsy and took extra time to make which was okay when I only had 50 to stamp, but when I had several thousand.... yeah! so I started working on rebranding and redesigning - I know the new packaging looks uber simple but, being awful at making any sort of decision, it took me forever to decide on what I wanted and how I wanted it to look! in the end I've gone with white matter finish cardstock, with grey writing on, and I'm SO happy with how it looks. I feel much more professional now, which is silly I know, but I do think it's all about how you present yourself and your work. I thought I'd share a little bit about some of my packaging on here as I know packaging is something business owners often struggle with!

I had new return address labels printed up in the same font (Lullaby - I think it's from as I used on my packaging, to go on the back of all the packages I post out. all my packaging in this blog post was ordered from and I can't recommend them highly enough. the quality is excellent, the service is spot on, and they are really reasonably priced.

 to package my brooches on, I had some of the larger sized business cards printed up (they offer two sizes - there isn't much of a size difference but I figured as much space as possible would be good) - at the top on the front it says 'Ladybird Likes' and at the bottom on the reverse is our slogan 'making nice things for nice people' plus the website address. as you can see from the photos the brooches are pinned directly onto the cards.

for the collar clip packaging I had some heavy postcard sized cardstock printed up in a similar style to the brooch packaging, although underneath 'Ladybird Likes' on the front I added 'collar clips' as people are often rather confused as to what they are! the thicker card means the packaging looks crisper for longer (which is good when I need to be able to pack items up and lug them across London for a craft fair!) and as the card is larger than before, the collar clips can be displayed better.

what do you think of the new style packaging? I'm excited to work on rebranding the blog and website next so everything ties in that little bit better, although it may take a while as I'm currently also juggling my trip to Austin next month (more on that to follow), plus a new range of collar clips to launch before I go, and a press day a few days before I leave. Ladybird Likes HQ is a hive of industry right now!


  1. its look great, I bet your stall looks even more amazing now :)

  2. They look lovely! I love packaging! I was considering whether to order some stuff at so now I will :)

  3. The new packaging looks great! At the moment I'm selling enough to hand-write all my packaging, but I'm not sure how I'd cope if I got into the hundreds, let alone thousands!

    Karen xx

  4. I love the new packaging, I've just ordered a brooch from you and I've featured it in my april wishlist , I'm that excited for it :)
    Rosalie x

  5. The new packaging looks awesome, Zoe - simple enough that the products themselves stand out, but also really pretty (that font!) and sturdy.
    Thanks for the link too, I am always wondering where people get these 'little' jobs done.
    Sounds like you are a busy lady! I hope this trip away is a holiday, not work-related? xo

  6. Packaging makes a product stand out. It is one of the first things that customers notice to make them check and eventually purchase a product. I must say that your packaging is pretty simple, but very pleasing to the eyes. Good job, Zoe!


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