Tuesday, 16 April 2013

put a bird on it

yes I realise I am several years behind on the whole bird trend! I don't really like following trends though - I just really love anything with birds on! I have a zillion vintage bird watching books, and they have the most gorgeous illustrations in them, so it was these that inspired my newest collection of Ladybird Likes jewellery...

there are 5 styles of larger bird brooches featuring different birds in different colourways

 there are three styles of dainty bird collar clips featuring pairs of birds facing each other

 and finally there are three styles of necklaces featuring delicate bird pendants on silver plated chains

all of these pieces are now available to purchase online through my Etsy shop - or, if you're a fellow Londoner, I will be at Old Spitalfields market this Saturday (20th April) selling these new things plus lots of old favourite, from 11am till 5pm as part of the Designer Makers collective. which item from the new collection is your favourite? I'm currently smitten with wearing the bird collar clips on vintage dresses - I just wish this weather would warm up a bit so I can break out my straw hat and sunglasses.


  1. oh my god!!! these are possibly the best things i have ever seen! Holy Hell


  2. the blue one on a necklace is wonderful

  3. Just when I thought I couldn't like Ladybird Likes more... you bring out birds!!! Theses are gorgeous, Zoe Jade! I like the brooches and collar clips best, especially that little orange&brown guy :)
    Conveniently, my sister just asked what I would like for my birthday... ;)

  4. beautiful pieces, I will pop over to the store! xx

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you ship to my country, Uruguay, and how much will it cost. Thank you!


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