Thursday, 18 April 2013

etsy treasuries

one of my favourite things about Etsy is looking at the treasuries other sellers/buyers put together - it's such a good way of finding new shops on there, and I love seeing how people group things they like together. we have been lucky enough to have been featured in some really beautiful treasuries lately, so I thought I'd share a few of them with you - click on the link to see the treasury in full with links to the products.

 this amazing green themed treasury called Green POPs by jessjamesjake has some really gorgeous pieces in it (including our black cat collar clips) - that deer figurine in the top left corner is amazing!

 how could I not fall in love with this moon themed treasury called Moonset by LunaEssence - anyone who knows me knows about my obsession with anything lunar or solar. one day I dream of living somewhere you can see all the stars at night...

 AppleWhite included our black cat collar clips in their So Many Favorites treasury along with lots of other awesome pieces (I'm a bit in love with that 'hello' tote bag and the black spike ring)

and lastly look at this beautiful 'sweetie' treasury by nanofactory which includes lots of light colours and natural elements - how incredible is that vintage rotary telephone at the top? WANT!

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