Saturday, 1 September 2012

i heart iphone photos

 (all descriptions are clockwise from top left photo)

 1. birthday nails painted by my sister // 2. a rainbow on the wall on the morning of my birthday which made me feel like a child again // 3. birthday cupcake (a black bottom cupcake from Hummingbird Bakery - my all time fave) and my birthday dress // 4. stamping tags to package up my orders with

 1. Poole harbour with the family to celebrate my birthday - the sun shone all day and it was perfect // 2. tapas feast with my ma and one of my besties (Dee face) // 3. Moomin birthday card from my sister - best card EVER // 4. my Lazy Oaf girls surprised me with a homemade birthday cake before our night out (I totally wasn't expecting it - they had the lights out when I came in and sang me happy birthday and it was so cute, love those girls a LOT)

 1. mixtape CD from my penpal Miss Megan // 2. I made my friend a shark themed embroidery for her birthday // 3. vintage barn owl from the awesome ladies at A Room In My House // 4. my outfit to go and watch Step Up 4 at the cinema (yep, loved it, the best one yet. Plus Adam Sevani has a cameo appearance at the end!)

1. a sheep at the petting zoo at a craft fair I was selling at - pretty sure it's trying to stare me down! // 2. blue skies on my trip to the post office // 3. nerding out at Frightfest 2012 - four days, 17 horror films, awesome // 4. reliving the 90s by watching My So-Called Life on DVD


  1. Love the 30 Rock inspired embroidery. There are so many good quotes in that show I've been meaning to incorporate some into craft, the next birthday card I make perhaps. I also keep meaning to buy My So Called Life on DVD seeing as it's so cheap to buy on Amazon. One day...

  2. I love your birthday cake + your awesome embroidery!! I hope you liked the mix cd I made you!! :)


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