Monday, 3 September 2012

ladybird likes

1. this dreamy little vintage table makes me wish I had a house of my own to decorate // 2. next birthday, I'm going to demand a balloon wall like this one // 3. I want to try making some of these book spine bookmarks - I love finding ways to reuse things which are unloved and forgotten // 4. I don't know what's in these jars from decor8 (my guess is frosting of some sort) but they look so pretty! // 5. this striped teepee is pretty much top of my wishlist right now, even though I have nowhere to put it


  1. Love that teepee, and those balloons!

  2. Ah these are all great! Love the bookmarks and frosting jars/frosting particularly. You don't happen to have a direct link for the jars image do you? I'd love to be able to pin it so I can remember it for the future... I'm seeing a 'decorate your own cupcake' station at some furture event!


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