Monday, 27 August 2012

ladybird likes

 1. this very true quote that I keep reminding myself of // 2. I want to try this super cute DIY for rolling pin stamps to make repeat patterns - I think it would be perfect for printing on wrapping paper // 3. early grey fro yo - I literally NEED this in my life

4. love this idea for nails - paint all your nails a block colour bar one which you paint in a co-ordinated glitter // 5. if I could live anywhere right now I think it would be in this cabin in the woods // 6. (I originally posted this picture because I liked what she was wearing - I've since been linked to this blog post by a fellow blogger which I found really interesting so thought I'd share it with you all to see what you think about the subject)


  1. Hey there,

    Just read your post on single-dom, and really enjoyed it :)

    I'm commenting over here because I felt I really needed to let you know of something before it becomes a total internet s**t storm, but the dressing up as a Red Indian thing is really bad to do. It's really offensive to Native American culture, and even though many who do it may have good intentions, it's actually something that native people (understandably) find deeply hurtful.

    Here's a link to some more info on it, I thought I'd get in and let you know!

    Allie x

    1. Ah yes, and the term "Red Indian" is considered to be racist/offensive and outdated. It originates from Europeans referring to Native Americans as "Redskins" (racist for obvious reasons). Just to let you know!

      Again, hope this doesn't come off as me starting an internet fight (woe betide!), I just saw that it wasn't something you were familiar with and felt that as I know a little about it I should share the knowledge :)

      Allie x

  2. I LOVE that first quote!! So true!! xo


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