Saturday, 25 August 2012

i heart iphone photos

 (I'm playing catch up with my iphone photos - if you follow me on instagram you will have seen these already, but I do love looking back over them and reminding myself what I've been up to. These photos are taken over the last month. Descriptions are clockwise from top left)

1. typewriter key necklaces which are now available in my Etsy shop // 2. favourite ever converse, even if they do get dirty way too easily // 3. watching Breaking Bad AGAIN because I heart it so much // 4. walking down by the canal and watching the sunset is what summer is for

 1. new rings from the sale section in Topshop (I never buy jewellery from there as it's so expensive, but couldn't resist as these were only £1.50!) // 2. honey peach bubble tea outside the PCC is the only way to spend a hot day in London // 3. enjoying the blue skies on a walk to the post office // 4. hanging out with Miss Phoebe means taking photos of our shoes

1. pretty corners of my bedroom (ignore the dust bunnies that are threatening to take over as I haven't cleaned/hoovered in forever) // 2. picked this cutie up for 25p from a car boot sale, along with a sister in a red toned fabric //3. trying to get rid of some of my bag collection, but failed miserably // 4. stamping thank you cards to go in with my online orders


  1. I love Breaking Bad too, such an awesome show. I hear the rest of the current season isn't airing until next year though which is CRAZY! x

  2. Also... YES Breaking Bad! It's so amazing :) x

  3. Love these photos, the colour of the converse is amazing! x


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