Tuesday, 26 June 2012

pin up girl brooches

That's right, there are new things in my Etsy shop in the shape of these wooden pin up girl brooches! Each brooch features one of the gorgeous Gil Elvgren pin up girls - there are nine different girls to choose from, so hopefully everyone can find one to fall in love with :) And each brooch comes packaged on an original vintage playing card. I thought that I'd pick my three favourites to share with you, along with the names I've given them. Yup, I'm one of those people that names inanimate objects...

First up is Daphne - she's named after one of the characters from Some Like It Hot, which is probably one of my favourite movies ever. EVER. If you haven't seen it, then you should. It's ridiculous, but just so light-hearted and fun to watch. 

 This is Betty, named after Betty Davis of course. It's my one aim in life to own a bikini like the one she is wearing...

 And last, but by no means least, this is Norma, named after Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe. I imagine she likes bubble baths and cuddling puppies and going to the hairdressers. But I may be stereotyping her because of the pink bikini....

 So which pin up girl brooch is your favourite? And, if you had to give her a name, what would it be? Hope you all like the new things in the shop - I will be adding some more bits very soon, as soon as I get caught up on tying up the million annoying loose ends that always seem to be dangling around me! Can't wait to add more new things to the Etsy shop - it's looking a bit bare right now!


  1. Very retro & cool! They look fab especially pinned to the playing card x

  2. These are brilliant! Just looked at your shop, you're so clever. I love so much of it, will have to make an order when some money comes my way xo

  3. I love your Daphne brooch! Super cute!

  4. my faves norma :) love the playing card idea too! when things get too heavy and i know i'm on the verge of telling everybody to GO AWAY, i often find geting in my car and just going for a small drive somewhere, with my favourite cd playing, maybe a cheeky cigarette, and i try and think about all the things that i'm looking forward to. or if i'm really annoyed i find running quite relaxing too :) hope that helps! x

  5. OMGeee!! These are SO amazing Zoe!! I love them all + the adorable way you are displaying them!!


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