Wednesday, 27 June 2012

grainy film and a graveyard

It's been a busy few weeks, and a very busy weekend, so I'm trying to snatch the odd half an hour here and there to have some quiet time; to get out of the house and walk and take photos and not think about costing, and VAT, and projected sales, and bank account balances, and deadlines. To just clear my head and press my inner reset button so that when I step back inside I feel a bit calmer, and less like my head may just explode.

there is a tiny church with an even tinier graveyard along where I like to walk - every time I come here I think it would be the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot (add it to my neverending list of places I'd love to go and take 'proper' photos one day!)

can you spot the teeny tiny crescent moon in this photo?

How do you recharge your batteries when you don't have time for a day (or even a night) off? Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Nice shots. :] Love the one in which the flower is in focus and the shoes are not!

  2. all of these photos are so beautiful!!

  3. these photos are beautiful!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  4. I ADORE these shots. Especially this one...

    As for recharging my batteries, well, I buy a spare. Haha! I kid (oh god my humour is terrible). I really like to sit and listen to nature, I can hear birds from my window, so somtimes I just close my eyes and listen. Another way I like to recharge is by giving myself a foot massage! Google a few techniques, buy some moisturiser and get stuck on in there. I do it whenever I'm stressed now!

  5. all these photos are soooo beautiful!!


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