Wednesday, 16 May 2012

mini butterfly necklaces

Yes, that's right folks. At last, the much anticipated miniature butterflies are for sale RIGHT NOW in my etsy shop!They are the smaller version of my bestselling large butterfly necklaces, and at only £5 each they are an absolute bargain.
(first though, some photos of me faffing around with the butterflies before they were turned into necklaces - I love lining them up like this so they look like those framed dead butterflies)

There are 11 different styles of butterfly available, so there should be something for everyone. They are daintier than my large butterfly necklaces, perfect for wearing when you want to add a splash of colour and interest to an outfit. I love wearing mine with buttoned up shirts, or dresses with a peter pan collar...
 And here are close up shots of my current three favourite butterflies - although ask me again in a week and I will probably have totally different favourites. Not gonna lie to you - I'm pretty much in love with these teeny butterflies.
Go grab a butterfly of your own from my etsy shop, but be quick, current stock is very limited!


  1. I love these mini butterflies! They're so adorable! I'd buy all of them if I could! haha
    x x x

  2. Definitely recommend to anyone! They're so lovely Zoe :) xo

  3. oh gosh i really can't make a decision - help!

  4. They are really lovely! Just wondered if i could ask a little question before i order one- do you have any photos of the necklace being worn? Just so i could see how long it looks when on :) (Sorry dont mean to be a pain! I'm not that good at visualising things!)

  5. I just bought one as a gift for a friend - tried to buy two different ones but I think you sold out mid-transaction! They're gorgeous. xx

  6. They're very beautiful!! :)

  7. Yay! So glad business is booming! I love my mini-necklace! :)

  8. I love this! I hope they are on long chains!



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