Thursday, 17 May 2012

shiny new things

 When I first opened Ladybird Likes I wasn't sure whether anyone would visit my Etsy shop, let alone buy anything, so I decided to hold off on investing in things like proper business cards. But, since so far things have been going better than I could have ever imagined, I have decided to take the plunge and order some fancy marketing and packaging stuff. First up - branded business cards. Deciding on branding was SO hard, but I decided to go for something uber simple. My logo is basically the aqua bunting, with grey writing underneath - the font is different on my blog header to what is on the business cards, but that's because I love too many fonts to settle on just one for everything!

(yup, I have a website now! You can check it out right here but more to come on that and the process behind it/why I decided to have a website in addition to my blog)

I also wanted some way to put my logo on bags at craft fairs, as well as on packages for my Etsy orders, so I ordered these wee round stickers with my logo on. Both the business cards and stickers are from awesome merchandise, and I would highly recommend them as the quality is great. At craft fairs (because I realise many of you will never get to visit me at one, although I wish you could so we can hang out and eat cake!) purchases are packaged in the grey and white striped paper bags pictured below, and sealed with a sticker. Oh, and I pop a business card in with every purchase too.

 Finally I ordered a return address stamp. I think it looks way more professional than me hastily scrawling my address on the back of packages. Plus I get a stupidly large amount of enjoyment out of being able to stamp my address on to everything.

What do you think of my new business stationery? Do you have any printed promotional materials that you think have helped your business? I'm thinking about getting some postcards printed to go in with orders...


  1. I think you're business stationery is gorgeous and has inspired me to crack on with my work. Your stuff never fails to amaze me and make me smile :) Keep up the good work!xx

  2. Any excuse to buy stationary is a good excuse! It all looks fab and ties everything together really well. xx

  3. oh i LOVE it all!!!! ... i wish i had a return address stamp! X

  4. Love that stamp! Can't wait to receive my necklace too :)

  5. They look great! Fiona gave me one of your beautiful butterfly necklaces for my birthday and I absolutely love it :) thank you x

  6. L U S H LUSH
    this is all so nice, your eye for style is impeccable


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