Sunday, 13 May 2012

List 33: TV shows I love to watch while I work

Working from home doing very repetitive things like gluing on brooch backs means I have long periods of time to fill. My favourite thing to do is stick on a DVD of one of my favourite TV shows. I find I can't really watch movies as I can't concentrate too hard on them and end up missing things, but TV shows that I've already seen are the perfect background noise. Here are some of the ones I've been watching whilst I work...

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

2. The Simple Life

3. Criminal Minds

4. The Mighty Boosh (seasons 1 and 2 only though)

5. Sex and the City

6. Sugar Rush

7. House

8. Extras (I have no words for how horrifically awkward I feel whilst watching it, but yet I can't stop!)

9. Jonathan Creek (only when Caroline Quentin was in it)

10. I'm Alan Partridge

11. Mad Men

12. Pushing Daisies

13. Peep Show (although I have only seen up to series 5 - shameful I know)

14. Primeval

15. Bored to Death

16. Wildboyz (I find it waaaayyyy funnier than Jackass for some reason!)


  1. LOVE Bored to Death, what a greta show. have you been watching 'Girls'? Reckon you might like it. I'm also addicted to New Girl, Without a Trace, Fringe and Supernatural xx

  2. Pushing Daisies is grrrrreat! I was obsessed with it years ago & really need to rewatch it. I love the way it looks & am also in love with everything she wears in it (as well as the Pie Maker of course). So sad they didn't do more.
    I end up listening to A LOT of Radio 4 Extra when I'm working - so basically tons of radio sketch shows from the 60s & Dad's Army. You should listen to the Alan Partridge audio book, it is A-Mazing!

  3. We don't have cable, and I am always working on tagging/packaging for my shop, so I totally agree that old tv is the way to do it! I love Criminal Minds, Mad Men, and Pushing Daisies! We also have been watching Northern Exposure. Love the old 90s shows!! xoxo

  4. I used to love Jonathan Creek! haha!
    And Pushing Daisies too! It was just so cute and colourful :)
    x x x


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