Monday, 7 May 2012

i heart iphone photos

Lately i haven't been using my digital camera much - my iphone is so much handier, and it's always there when I need it! So I thought I'd share a few iphone photos from the last few weeks... (all descriptions are listed clockwise from top left)

waiting for the bus//off to a business meeting in my new hat//a peek at my new typewriter key necklaces coming soon//blossom on the trees is my favourite part of spring

of cabbages and kings craft fair in Stoke Newington//trifle made by my Mum//new owls destined to become brooches//a mini photoshoot with my mini butterfly necklaces

Dee leaves me notes at work sometimes and they make me lol//Easter cakes//my lkucky mascot aka Zoe the Zebra//more blossom on trees because, quite frankly, you can never have too much

I will be back soon with a real blog post with proper photos, I promise! Oh, and I wanted to say a big hello to all my new followers - I will be checking out your blogs very soon :) AND Ladybird Likes has finally joined the world of Facebook, so please go and like my page to say up to date on all the news right here.


  1. Loving your outfit in the second photo and those owls look awesome! xx

  2. i love the owl brooches ! When will they be available? It's my friend's birthday soon and she (+ me) would love one :-)


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