Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Wills Moody Jumble Sale

I can't remember if I have mentioned the Wills Moody Jumble on here before - but if I haven't then shame on me! It's a monthly jumble sale, run by the lovely Emma, and held in the upstairs of a gorgeous bar called The Lexington. I've been going along every month selling vintage bits and pieces that I source from car boot sales, and it's been so much fun, and I have met some lovely people! But sadly, I'm hanging up my professional thrifter hat. As I'm at craft fairs every weekend I just don't have the time to go to car boot sales to buy stock, so sadly I will only be doing two more Wills Moody Jumble Sales (May and June) before bowing out. I will also so no longer be selling through Ayoka for the same reason. I'm very, very sad, as I absolutely loved this job, but I've chosen to pursue my dreaming of being a full time crafter.

That's not to say I won't be hitting up car boot sales and junk shops whenever I can. Oh no, not at all. I will just have the luxury of only buying things for myself! But this means that I will be selling off all my remaining vintage stock at bargain prices! So if you are in London (or can get there) then please come to the Wills Moody Jumble on 13th May - trust me, you won't be disappointed. I have loads of vintage homewares, ornaments, clothes, and curiosities for you to browse!


  1. Wish I lived nearer! I love things like that :)
    x x x

  2. Hiya, I read about The Wills-Moody Jumble Sale in a magazine, is it held on the 1st Sunday of every month and if so, is it still running now? It sounds really interesting and I'd live to find out more!! Thanks :)


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