Monday, 3 October 2011

thrifted finds

The car boot sale season is drawing to and end now, however fear not as I have lots of thrifted finds saved up which I will be posting very soon. The thrifting gods have been very good to me lately, so I also have lots of my personal thrifted finds (things I couldn't bear to part with) to blog about too. But for now, here are some items I sourced for Ayoka Charity Boutique in Bethnal Green.

I couldn't resist these pirate themed dominoes - the illustrations are so perfect

gotta love a thermos flask, and I'm a sucker for these old metal ones - perfect for a nice cup of hot chocolate on the go

this box of old black and white photos were all hand printed - there were quite a few taken in London during the 50s, and I kept a few of my favourites to put up in my craft room

I love little details, and it was the battered label on this box of butter knives that first caught my eye

when I was little my mum had lots of plastic jelly moulds like these in all sorts of animal shapes

love the colour and smooth shape of these plastic egg cups

one day I want a collection of vintage soda siphons - check out the 70s floral pattern on this one

I love that someone spent so much time making this owl picture from feathers and felt


the 1950s graphics and typography on this pantograph box are to die for - I was so tempted to keep it for myself

I've always had a soft spot for the iconic red British postbox, so I couldn't resist this little tin money box

although I can't say I've ever been a huge fan of the playboy empire, I loved this little 1970s dish

these miniature glasses illustrated with vintage cars are too cute, perfect for parties

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  1. Wow - you got some great bits there. That soda siphon is rather amazing! Also the flask, photos, egg cups...all of it. You are the queen of car booting Miss Zoe! x


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