Wednesday, 5 October 2011

List 14: songs that remind me of particular points in my life

Everyone has them - those songs that will forever remind you of a time in your life, be that a good time or a bad time. Here are just a few of mine...

1. You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette. Me and my group of friends in high school would sing this (and most of the Jagged Little Pill album) whilst walking down Madeley Road from our school to Ealing at the end of the day. There would be about 8 of us walking en mass, taking up the pavement, shouting Alanis Morissette lyrics.

2. Little Thoughts by Bloc Party. I'd just started going out with my first real boyfriend, and had just moved to Northampton to go to university there. After going out to a club (I forget which one but there are only about four in Northampton) we were on the university bus back to halls. I had a bad case of the spins courtesy of too many shots, and asked the boyfriend to sing to me to distract me from my nausea. He sang Little Thoughts and stroked my hair and it was the first time he told me he loved me.

3. Help by The Beatles. Back in the day my Dad would borrow CDs from his brother (we couldn't afford our own!) and record them onto cassette tapes, which we would listen to in the car. I'm pretty sure we had every Beatles song on tape, but Help was always one of my favourites. When it came on, no matter how tired everyone was, or how many times we'd already heard the song, we would all sing along like we were auditioning for an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

4. Lean Back by Terror Squad. When I was studying at Northampton University I also worked in a bar. It was horrible hours (hello 14 hours split shifts!), and involved dealing with lots of drunk people, but it was probably one of the best jobs I've ever had. I worked with some pretty awesome people, and we had a lot of fun. Every shift I worked with my friend Lucy, we would make the DJ play Lean Back and we would stop serving and do the dance.

5. Morden by Good Shoes. Travelling from New York City to Washington DC on a train late at night, this came on when my iPod was on shuffle. It made me realise that as much as I love travelling, London will always be my home. (I may have shed a tear at this realisation, which drew a few strange glances, but I was very tired and still a bit jet-lagged so I'm going to blame it on that.)

I think I might make a playlist of all my 'life-defining' songs. But for now I plan on spending today running errands, cutting up my old magazines, and planning some exciting new blog posts xoxo


  1. really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing those memories :) whenever i hear the kooks she moves in her own way im straight back to being 18, laying on the beach with my best friend sharing an ipod :) x

  2. My favourite of your selection was your story about Help - what a heart-warming post.


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