Tuesday, 27 September 2011

the gift

My beautiful penpal and friend Emma sent me the most wonderful package of goodies for my birthday. It's taken me this long to recover enough to take photos and share them on here! I have honestly never received anything like it in my life - it's hard to get an idea of scale in the photos but it was a huge box, crammed full of all kind of amazing things! The wrapping alone made my day.... (check out the rock wrapping paper - me and Emma share a love of rocks, and spent a good hour geeking out over them at the Natural History Museum!)

 And look at the gifts she filled it with... I squealed over every single item, it was like opening a package from myself, that's how perfect and 'me' everything in there was.

LOOK AT THIS SATCHEL! It's so mini, perfect for shopping trips, and it's now my go to bag to keep my essential safe when car booting. I don't think I could be more in love with anything than I am with this bag!

my favourite part though of any of Emma's packages is the lovely letters she writes - I feel so so lucky to call her my friend, she is the only person who has a sense of humour as dry and sarcastic as mine...

Thank you once again Emma, you made me one happy girl xoxo


  1. What a LOVELY present. Although I do worry about the wisdom of putting your address on the internet (;

  2. Haha the captcha for that comment was totally 'laser'. COOL DUDE WOAH

  3. What an adorable package and tea cup! :)

  4. ohmygosh! i am so totally jealous of everything here! i've always wanted a penpal, sigh! thank you for your comment on my blog - you should make some envelopes for your penpal letters :) xx

  5. What an amazing gift! I wonder how I can bribe my friends to get such a lovely box on my birthday.


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