Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mixtape Number 8

It is still September, just about. I like to sneak my monthly playlist right at the last minute. Keep you all waiting eagerly. Ahem.

1. Bruises - Chairlift
2. Tryin' My Best - Jenny Lewis
3. Santeria - Sublime
4. Thieves - She & Him
5. Salt Air - Chew Lips
6. Dancing On My Own - Robyn
7. Dog on Wheels - Belle & Sebastian
8. re: stacks - Bon Iver
9. Sleeping Sickness - City & Colour
10. Someone Like You - Adele
11. All Sparks - Editors
12. Back To You - Coconut Records

Writing these mixtapes always makes me realise that I don't listen to enough music. I love the feeling of listening to music I know, but that makes me reluctant at times to try new bands and listen to new albums. I think I'm going to set myself mini music-based challenges, like to listen to one new artist a week or something. Anyone have any recommendations? xoxo

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  1. Eee, I think Thomas and I need to make you a mixtape of recommendations (or at the least a spotify list) I will work from these :)

    p.s the film didn't work from the panorama camera, I am heart broken but I will take another this weekend x


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