Tuesday, 2 August 2011

ladybird likes....

When I first started this blog, and gave myself the name 'ladybird likes' I fully intended to be featuring lots of things that I 'like' in one way or another. I guess that is what I do, but not as much as I want to. I'm endlessly inspired by things I find online, and wanted to make a weekly feature where I can share them with you all. So here it is, my little list of lovely things I've found, be they tutorials, photos, cute products, or just quotes that make you think....

This beautiful idea for a boat racing party by the wonderful Victoria of A Subtle Revelry. I want to make origami boats and head down to a river with some friends.

 How could I not fall in love with these amazing photos featuring the adventures of a tiny plastic fawn. I could blog every single one of Jannelle's photos, but these are probably my favourites.


 Ella has such a talent with watercolours, as you can see in this post showing the process from a drawing to a watercolour painting. Love her colour choices, and the bow in her hair is just perfection. You can buy some of her creations in her shop - I think I might treat myself for my birthday.

Katrina, the absolute genius behind Pugly Pixel, one of my all time favourite blogs, has shared a DIY tutorial for these cute as a button custom envelopes. I'm going to sit down and make a whole bunch tonight with some of my paper scraps.

There are few things I love more than a good guerilla art project, except maybe a guerilla art project involving poetry! Agustina Woodgate started a poetry tag project in which she sews small poems into clothes at thrift stores, ready to surprise the unsuspecting buyer. I'm completely in love with this idea, and what better way to spread your love of poetry or literature?

 What is there not to like about this polar bear bookshelf? Although surely it would make more sense to be painted white if it's meant to be a polar bear? No matter, I would still sell my own mother for one.

Lately I have been lugging around a LOT of stuff in my bag. Laptop, various bits of camera equipment, packed lunches, it all adds up to make one heavy-ass bag. But I've discovered a solution.... RUCKSACKS! Not exactly akin to discovering the wheel, or penicillin, but for someone who collects shoulder bags with something akin to religious fervor it's a pretty big eureka moment. But I don't want just any rucksack, I want one of these poketo ones, specifically the charcoal one. This is going on the birthday list.

Well that's it for my first lot of likes - let me know what you think, and link me up to anything you are liking right now xoxo


  1. oh i LOVE all your likes!
    esp. the guerilla poetry. i wrote about that one too!

    ps. check out my fantastic giveaway!


  2. Love the bags! I'm liking waay too many things just now as I've been saving for 2 years and still need to keep going! Knitting books have been catching my eye of late...


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