Monday, 1 August 2011

thrifted finds

 I'm playing catch up with blogging all my thrifted finds at the moment - it seems to take me weeks to clean everything, photograph it all, upload the pictures, and then finally blog about it! Working pretty much full-time at the moment means it's hard to find time during daylight hours to take the pictures - I don't get home till half 8, by which time the sun is starting to go down. Not that I'm complaining, I definitely need the money! Just need to work on getting the work:life ratio a bit more even!

Anywho, here are my most recent finds and, as always, they can all be purchased at Ayoka Charity Boutique on Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green.

an action tracker camera that takes four photos in quick succession - and it takes 35mm film so is perfect for getting snap happy with

 vintage glasses - the man who sold me them said he reckons they are from the 1930s, but I just loved the etched details on them (excuse my bandaged finger in the shots - about an hour before I sliced open my finger on a scalpel blade)

god I love these odd looking cats - if you're going to make a cat ornament wouldn't it be advisable to make one of  a cute cat? (I suppose he is cute in his own stern-faced way)

lots of vintage 1970s floral linen; a tablecloth, a single duvet cover and pillowcase, and a double duvet cover with pillowcases

an owl shaped incense holder (if I didn't hate incense I totally would have kept this)

 vintage Polaroid camera (that thing on top is the disposable flash pack - it only has one flash left though!)

 love the illustrations on the box for these lino cutters with wooden holder

this bad boy came very close to staying with me... I did end up keeping a glass owl shaped money bank which I will blog about very soon....

vintage stationery is my favourite

every time I go thrifting I find some sort of royal memorabilia! it's everywhere, but I only snap it up when it's super cheap

 vintage dominoes (love the packaging of these)

 Halina battery powered slide viewer with some vintage slides

 1950s glass jelly moulds (I think these are absolutely gorgeous - I want to have a collection of them one day)

 set of red, white and blue patterned drinking glasses


  1. I love the action tracker, my friend gave me hers from when she was a little girl and it looks just like that one. I also love the cat and his stern face :)

  2. So many pretty things! I can't wait to have more money in my pocket so I can go out and search again!

  3. Love the action tracker too. I had one of the lomo sampler ones but it broke:( Great finds!!


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