Thursday, 4 August 2011

i heart iphone photos

 It's no secret that I love my iphone big time.... I'm a total apple lover, and in addition to my iphone I own an iMac computer, a Mac notebook, and a iPod. And I desperately want an iPad to add to the family, although that won't be happening for a while! But I realised the other day that although I occasionally tweet photos from my iPhone, I don't ever blog them on here.... so I'm going to try and upload a few from my iPhone every couple of weeks or so, as I think they are quite nice insights into people's daily lives :) (oh, the notes under each set of pictures is clockwise from the top left photo)

my collection of books (the rows are three deep!), Jasper on one of our walks in the park, amazing clouds over my street, and a pencil sharpener that looks like a TLR camera.

 my dog aka the book thief, the cutest ever 'lost' poster - I wished I could have returned her jumper to her, collecting things with my name on, London Eye as seen from the Hayward Gallery balcony.

iced coffee and donut break, one off card from my amazing Oafettes, new to me double stack creepers (although they are only on loan), and a slightly pessimistic poster.

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  1. ohhh, I love the pencil sharpener lol, I have one that looks like an old folding camera :) and your dog is cute (even if he is a thief...)


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