Thursday, 24 February 2011

what's better than a gingerbread house?

 There are no words to describe my emotions when I was given my very own gingerbread beach hut by my oh so amazing and talented friend Lucy. It was like Christmas, Christmas when you are a child and everything is so exciting and shiny and new and you can barely contain the squeals of anticipation. I couldn't eat it until I'd taken several (dozen) photos of it.

I named the seagull Sam (like in Huxley Pig - did anyone else watch that cartoon when they were younger?!) and ate him first, lest he realise what was going on and do a runner. Not really, I know he's just made of gingerbread. I still couldn't look him in the eye though. Oh and please go visit Lucy's tumblr - she makes the most incredible baked goods, posts loads of recipes, and is just generally one of my favourite people in the world.

PS. it was so yummy. so very yummy.


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