Sunday, 17 July 2011

thrifted finds

Think I'm going to make a weekly feature of this - what do you all think? I love reading about other people's thrifted finds, but not so sure if other people enjoy reading about mine! So any feedback would be greatly appreciated! As I mentioned last week the thrifting has been very good lately - I've had more stuff than I can carry to the shop so the backlog has been piling up, which isn't good as it means my mum gets stressed, and I end up falling over stuff (it's stored in my craft room currently) and wrestling items from my dog's clutches. He's learnt how to scale the bags in order to reach choice items that are piled up high. Part dog, part mountain goat.

As usual all this stuff, plus lots more, is available in Ayoka Charity Shop Boutique on Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green. Please do go and check it out as it's such a lovely shop with lots of great finds (not just mine!)

loving finding these jug and glasses sets - perfect for summer drinks on the patio

I do love a good pair of vintage weighing scales and try to snap them up whenever I can - practical but also very nice to look at

 these coffee and tea storage canisters were one of my favourite finds

 love this little desk organiser - it's the perfect colour, but is also functional which makes it a definite winner in my book!

 these hand stitched bird pictures would look amazing in a living room or a bedroom - one is embroidered and the other is cross stitched, and both are very detailed.

 I hit the mug jackpot - these three are my favourites, but I got about ten in total!

a wee pyrex jug with yellow details, ideal for a vintage kitchen

 this nearly stayed with me as part of my Eiffel Tower memorabilia collection - but I already have one very similar (it used to hold perfume but I love the decorative bottles just on their own.)

a Russian made room thermometer from the 1970s - love the little ship illustration on it! (it was a hot day as you can clearly see - 28 degrees, scorcher! oh, and excuse the fact you can see my reflection in the plastic - I was photographing it outdoors!)

who doesn't need a ceramic Charles and Di trinket pot?

 although it is a bit battered this giant box of matches won me over with its bullfight image, and the fact that the matches are black with white tips!

 tiddley winks anyone (also, I always thought it was 'tiddlywinks' but maybe I've just had it wrong all these years!)

 this cat looks huge in the photo but is actually dinky - would make the perfect 'good luck' gift to someone special

an adorable 1950s sewing aids booklet - inside it has all manner of essential sewing notions but I don't think I could ever use them!

 these vintage Mandy for Girls annuals make for great reading - they are so funny, and have the most random things in them! Strange to think how different they would be if they were published now...


  1. Wow, you found a lot of great stuff. My favorite is the Charles and Diana trinket box.

  2. Wow, these are great finds! I love the little strawberry glasses- those would brighten up any kitchen! And I love the embroidered birds :) Congrats on your thrifting successes!

  3. I love seeing your finds, keep it up. They do make me feel so jealous though! I'm dying to go carbooting again, I just need a car! Have a great week chick xx

  4. EEK! I like totally lovess those! :))) My favorite is the strawberry glasses!! <3

  5. Thermometer is the bomb x


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