Thursday, 9 June 2011

don't stop never give up

 (yes, those are S Club 7 lyrics - sometimes you just need cheesy motivational pop music!)

MY MOO.COM ORDER ARRIVED! this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me, and that is not overstating it. why it has taken me so long to finally jump on the moo card bandwagon, i will never know.... but now im on it, and im never getting off!

I ordered 100 business cards in preparation for my exhibition, so I can hand them out like a pro.

I wanted my invitations to be a little bit special, as my poor loved ones have suffered enormous amounts of neglect the last year. So I had some postcards printed up with some of my exhibition images on, and packaged them up in brown kraft envelopes with handstamped names (an idea which I totally admit to stealing from Kate - her packaging skills are immense!)

Getting excited for my exhibition, but am waiting to pick my prints up (they will be ready later tonight) so am a bit nervous about how they will turn out... Oh, and thanks to everyone who sent well wishes for my portfolio review - it went fine, they didn't really say much, and I managed to avoid having a panic attack and vomiting. All in all it was a success. Now just waiting for the final marks....


  1. i LOVE, they are the best
    i have two different styles of business cards from them and i adore them <3

    yours are beautiful, love the books
    & good luck with your results

  2. Good luck, good luck, good luck Zoe!! You're ace and you're gonna do amazingly well! Your cards look gorgeous, really looking forward to seeing your exhibit. And having tea with you when it's all over :) xx


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