Monday, 13 June 2011

everything changes in an instant (photo)

Today I start hanging my exhibition - it is very stressful and I feel very tense. There hasn't been much time for new work, so instead I will show you the instant photos I took whilst out on a photo day with Dee a while back. They were taken on a Fujifilm Instax Wide using film that was about 6 years out of date! I love the tones and colours in the pictures, which I think are so soft and muted because it was past its expiry date - love little surprises like that!

I will be back really soon with some new stuff to share - and hopefully some pictures of my work in progress exhibition space! xoxo


  1. Good luck with your exhibition Zoe, will be seeing you on Thursday! xx

  2. is this kew gardens? I really want to go back there and take photos, these are beautiful. I love the third one.

    Good luck with your exhibition!

  3. The photos are beautiful! I love instax! <3


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