Wednesday, 8 June 2011

i heart craft magazines

For as long as I can remember I have been an avid reader of magazines. The type of magazine I read has changed, but not my love for going to a newsagents and buying a big stack of magazines which I pour over on the train. Recently (well, within the last two years) I have discovered craft magazines. I used to think the term only applied to knitting magazines, or cross stitch ones with ugly patterns. But since crafting has become more mainstream, the type of magazines available has diversified. I've read a lot of different ones, some of which are utter rubbish, but these are my top four for inspiration.

First up is 'Making' - they have some really great project ideas, with very clear instructions which are perfect if you are learning a new technique. For example the issue above featured a papercut design, and gave some really helpful tips to help complete it successfully. I also love how each issue has a theme of some sort - the one above was 'paper.'

'Mollie Makes' has only had one issue so far (the next is out June 9th) but it is hands down my favourite craft magazine! It is packed full of inspiration, interviews with amazing artists, and lots of DIY projects which offer something for everyone. Combine that with the most gorgeous photography, and you've got a winner. I will be buying this every month, and can't wait to see what they cover in future issues.

I want to be Martha Stewart. No joke of a lie. And while I love Martha, her magazine isn't as good as it could be. It does have some great ideas in it, and I do buy it every month and always find something to bookmark, but it could be so much better. There are too many adverts, and some of the content has that distinctly 'filler' feel about it. That said, the styling and photography is gorgeous, and I bow before the throne of Martha's superior knowledge on all domestic issues.

Even though Marie Claire's 'Idees' (ideas in French - I'm practically bilingual!) is written entirely in French, it's worth purchasing for the pictures alone. It's pure eye candy on every page, and while there are tutorials for making many of the items in the magazine, they are quite simple so you can figure it out without needing to translate. Available from larger WHSmith stores it always seems to sell out quickly round where I live, which doesn't really surprise me. Every time I buy an issue I feel very inspired (and very much like I want to live in Paris) and I keep all my copies in order to refer back when I need to get my creative juices flowing.

Does anyone else have any craft magazines they love? I'm always on the hunt for new ones to add to my reading list, so please do share!


  1. I love these magazines too! I'm a huge fan of weid and wonderful magazines that can be found in markets, European fashion and photography ones. Vintage craft mags from the 70s are amazing if you can get hold of them as well.

  2. beautiful recommendations Thanks : ) just need to cheque out if the ca n be found in Norway...

  3. Making is amazing! My lovely mister bought me a subscription for my Christmas last year : ) It's the present that keeps giving!


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