Tuesday, 15 March 2011

my guilty little (not so) secret

Anyone who knows me (well, in real life anyway!) knows about my Starbucks addiction. Yes, it's an addiction. I love it so. I probably drink one every day, except for when I'm at home all day as the nearest Starbucks is a 30 minute bus ride away. Some days I drink two. Or more. But the other day I noticed they had rebranded their cups.... not sure why though! These look, if my memory is serving me correctly, more like the American Starbucks cups. Well, the New York City ones at least.

Oh, and see that yummy looking delight in the photo above? That's a rocky road cake pop from their new 'Petites' range. Because I'm special (or because I have a Starbucks card) I got a voucher for a free item from this new range, and that's what I chose. It was yummy, but very sickly. I doubt I could eat two of them, unless someone gave me two, in which case I would eat two.

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  1. I love Starbucks. We don't have one in my hometown (the shortest bus ride would be four hours...)and I really miss it. Enjoy it for me!! :)


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